How To Make an Animated Movie

Our animation courses: video gives a quick breakdown on the steps it takes to make a short 3D animated movie, in a way that's easy to understand.Our 30-lessons FREE course about making an animated short:forget to subscribe if you liked the video!steps covered are:1) Story2) Script3) Storyboard4) Animatic5) Modeling6) Rigging7) Previz8) Animation9) Lighting10) Rendering11) Editing12) Color correction13) Sound designIt is based on my own experience of making "Food For Thought" (a short animated film I made at SVA.Video by: is an animation channel featuring short sketches, short animated films and tutorials about the making of creative videos.Visit the Bloop channel here - don't forget to subscribe if you liked this video!

Ari Stuckey

1:95 shaggy with acne

Jorge Luis Dominguez Mendoza

Your easter eggs videos are the best

Manga Lehal



Its Valve of course these are good easter eggs

Tanith Low

seen these before...

Luke Tallwas

3:24 That's one of the main reasons I don't and never will understand Japanese animations and stuff, it is too unnecessarily theatrical

Kristine Dandan

Wait... isn't it in Thailand cause when I saw what they wear it's from thailand...

Steven Pantelis

they shot it frame by frame come on


can you do a dallas cowboys edition?




no one else knew that the song was sympathy for the devil?

cactus jack

You guys use trampoline

Hunter The Bot

Me: I take meds


Tara from Brawl Stars in real life

Cool Gamer1248

I’m crying 😭

Clem Cornpone

The last time Kawhi Leonard was in the finals, his team was leading the Warriors when Warrior Zaza Pachulia injured Kawhi in such a dirty play that the NBA later imposed a new rule, the 'Zaza Pachulia Rule' to protect players from injury by such evil dirty plays. That year, Zaza wasn't the dirtiest player in the league. Steve Kerr was putting the dirtiest player in the league on the floor with Zaza: Draymond Green. Think about that; forty percent of the players on the court that year for the Warriors were often the dirtiest and the second dirtiest players in the league. Steve Kerr talks like a nice guy, but he competes dirty. She‘s perfect! And now I find me ugly... days to days I find me!

michael anthony hilario

0:33 My goodness how they got your?

Trick Shooters

8:49 garret was about to eat the burger lol

Krispy Bacon

Who be hyped for the Final Fantasy VII remake

(Es coña, ignorarme )

Burak Karaca

left side on the wall: fun with guru :)

Jackson mo

sweet vid man! so scary

Gabi TGB

Me:Reafs title


0:27 cory is powneddddddd


I can’t wait when it comes

Candice Cicero

The red cherries xD

Random Memes

9/11 2

Off Low

U should have done Michael cause it can also be spelled Micheal

seema shanavas

I like the last stunt

SAmeo 45

I love dude perfect

Dayanys Suero

I Cry in this vid I’m so sorry for your lost ❤️

Camila Bial

Dude to111888

Anwaranwar Aaaa

I never have been by struckLightning but I have put my finger in a charger 🔌 think like tat. Like 100 times and I was curious so I put illuminant foil in the charger think it exploded and the tv turd off and my bro got scared because he felt like he got shot he kinda look like me but he duz not to me


i always thought food in this game was pointless since it only healed 2-5 HP cx

Jacot Mohamed Hussein

PLz dont smoke kidz


The Michael Jordan dunk by Tyler

Jacob K

2019 anyone?


and i thought i was a boss for getting 3's in my backyard...

Alexis Diaz de Leon

i feel bad for cory so im going for him and his awsome airplanes


I love you video!

Инстинкт геймера

не смотрите на мой канал и не подписывайтесь)