How to Improve Your English Listening

Visit for English tips and intensive English courses.If you have difficulties in listening, you're not alone - this is one of the most common problems for English learners.It's frustrating and embarrassing when you can't understand spoken English - but in this lesson, I'm going to explain why it's so difficult and teach you how to improve.

Marvin De leon

Can you make


No bloopers

Eric Metzger

Thicker than a bowl of oatmeal

Gacha Allexa

This is ella she is new and beautiful but has no friends in her school but in the mall town City she is very popular there because she always travels in many different places and MET so must people but she was new in school and had no friend the other students call her odd that she was not compleatly normal like other kids that stay to ther country

hassaan wolf


Nicola Bullis

The flower says all purpose

Zack Snyder

You didn't show the one on the dlc map the slab. U kick the thrashball from the locust spawn into the hole of the Grenade spawn and u hear a locust laugh and sometimes not all the time u will see the man get electrocuted in the chair. You know like the execution they do for criminals

Cheyenne Attachie

I don't want you guys are doing but it is really funny. I think this season, one episode 2 🧡🧡🧡🧡👀🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

orion chan


Connor Moody

Where can i get the whistler?

iMoney MuffinYT

0:26 Theres Secrets on the subtitles.

tune untuned

I don't have ptsd but I keep having panic attacks and anxiety attacks and metal breakdowns over the smallest things sometimes when it comes to things I'm literally scared of

Jade Games_XoX


Angel Rose

To be a mom it's not necessary to give birth. If u have good mind more than anything if you are good woman u can be a mom too there are so many children's left in our society who want love and care so pls give them a chance.



Aden Schultz

Ant man and wasp has been out for over a year now this is an old video


Random Kokonut

whos wearing adidas while watching this?


The last one is the best in Gaming History!



I want asmr more please♡

Vadim Kananyhin

My ex

Donut Inc


Ryan Wilson

I so want to be a member of Dp

Nikko Saraos

It went from a pretty far distance and got a lot closer real quick, so it just looks that way.

Marin Kiprovski 237

II sI swI sweI sweaI swear i'm not doing these

Did You See That Trick Shots

i love this song

Gordon Freeman

Am I the only one who got salty and didn't even attempt to complete that first mission after she said, "Now off with you?"

James McKean

"And even put a stopper in death..."

Cherry Cervantes

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i taped my penis to a toaster


Marci Kaposi

3:40 one of my worst nightmares 🤮🤮🤮😖😖

Ramarro Marrone

Has got more than 330 k subs>asks for 1000 likes

Mr MeEtHo



lots of effort put into this! liked and subbed

Clash Of Clans With Jay

Hahaha nice end bro😂

Grace Haynes

I think 🤔 I might have met you before bc me and my bro yelled at u and u said your YouTube channel was dude perfect pls tell me is it was u

Genny Viva

these are more like references than Easter eggs.


At 1:10 did anyone see that bug that was right next to the explosion #STOPBUGABUSE

SGG Nuke

I love lil baby he is a good rapper and can spit some fire ass bars however.... his verve was trash! I onow he could do better. Like lil baby sounds like a higher and drunker lil pump!😂 like he is just mumbling though out the whole song onrs! Out of 10 I give this a 6.5/10 only because of Lil Baby's verse. Commont what you rate this song!

Nia-Kai Campbell

I love ❤️ money 💰 too

Damon Fishback

I love you guys

Farzan Munshi