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Max: don’t listen to anybody kd, don’t try pleasing everybody. Not worth it.

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I needed some seconds to realize this video's intent XD

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Who's watching in 2016

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Lucas K

Just here in 2019 watching old vids


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I'm just going to pretend I didn't see this awesome video, whistle, and walk away slowly.


Yeah, funnily enough I read that like 5 minutes after I posted it, but I'm not sure since Samantha and her teddy bear are linked, not the nicest way to remember her.


I hope they expand this game .


I have pcos, and I can go without a period for a year or more, and when I have one, it can last a really long time, to the point I become anemic. I will never be able to have children, due to this fact.


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I Told You Girls Always Win At MEN opoly!


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Who the hell is tannis


Hey Guru! Awesome vid screw those haters oh and Black Ops 2 came out 3 days ago in England... so maybe thats why he says old...

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i ike how they're eyebrows are floating

TheSavagestShot 13 Merry Christmas

I would beat all of them in the FanDuel food eating contest, I'm a 10 year old and love your vids and eat super fast

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do a remix


Im sure Ricardo looks hot


i cant believe its been 5 years since ive seen this video and its still funny XD

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Dark disney princess movie. I'm here for this

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That music playing with that type of art style makes me cringe

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aaaand the award for the worlds most misleading title goes to.....

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It’s not easy, especially when you have a arabic mom, she thinks everyone who’s arabic is normal. They don’t make me feel better, they just get mad because she thinks it’s just a feeling. I’ve tried. I told her I think I have OCD, and she probably thinks it’s a disease. She got so mad and she said “not to put that feeling in your head or your gonna turn out like your sisters.” Also if I tell my parents I would wanna kill myself, I’d get slapped and yelled at. I’m Muslim so I can’t kill myself. They don’t listen. I’m never gonna get help. I can’t. I can’t run away either. Ive been feeling like a worthless piece of shit since I was 9 and I’m 12 now. My mom can’t see the signs I guess.

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do you still view this video in 2017?