How To Fold & Display Your Clothes in Air Force BMT - YouTube

So this video is for ALL of your first issue clothing. ABu's, PTU's, Underwear, Socks everything. Your blues and everything is a second video. For second clothing issue. That's a different video. For now enjoy this!Times!Sand Tee's - 0:47PT Shirt - 6:27Socks - 8:27ABU Pants - 11:45ABU Top / Night Display - 15:48PT Shorts - 19:34PT Pants - 20:35PT Top - 22:50Underwear - 25:04PT Track Underwear - 28:13Towel- 28:45Displaying Your Towel - 32:32Final - 36:16Connect With Me!my last BMT Help Video! Video:you have any other questions leave it in the comments and i will get back to you as soon as I can. And I AM taking requests for videos. Leave it in the comments! :D

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What the name of the song ?! It played all time of the video???


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who is kane? the guy with the cast thing on his nose?

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Congrats Coby 😊😊

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You are not responsible for anyone's happiness except yourselves! Always remember that!

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Thanks Guru for introducing me to Tom Misch, who’s probably my favorite artist, and many other great artists. Keep up the good work bruv.



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Nice is verry nice

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Never seen someone showing easter eggs as you do. Gotta say, I really appreciate it :) thanks a lot, i'll check your other videos as well.

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Hi there beautiful person scrolling through the comments. If you are looking for some thing interesting, I'm an afraid of bugs, thunderstorms and chickens. My BFF is afraid of tearing cotton.

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Pretty damn relatable. This could finally explain my de realization as well.

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The way Cody was holding his balls

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I feel so bad for the children in this story. They had little to nothing but were still grateful yet we have everything and leave people to fight for our scraps and we are still ungrateful for what we have

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Cory in the House isn't an anime

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