How to defeat a dragon with math - Garth Sundem - YouTube

View full lesson: trouble remembering the order of operations? Let's raise the stakes a little bit. What if the future of your (theoretical) kingdom depended on it? Garth Sundem creates a world in which PEMDAS is the hero but only heroic when in the proper order.Lesson by Garth Sundem, animation by Mark Phillips.


1:31 That looks like tyler

Zalgo the Demon

You are not healthy.

Nate dawg115

Thought out 11 years, I just now find out that there are these Easter eggs in the game

Johann Gambolputty

Wow, Guru, that montage with the song though! So awesome. Now one does easter eggs videos better than You! You are amazing


What is the gabe Newell song in half life?

Weston Yan

Cody: You think we need lambos and shit to flex?


You are cool 😺

Asian Aedan

Is Panda from China? Why did you leave Panda out. He’s from China, he’s Chinese. Come on guys!

Anna Vassilkov

“Weak, because of their flaws”

Ante Gazy

Panda is not one person. You can see that he has two different types of shoes in this video and the white pair of shoes matches with the guy's on a bike.



What's remastered exactly?

Wasif Ahmed

Bad Luck COBY

No Views Films

thumbs up if commercial before was hey hey mio miio hey hey


I'm confused....

Jaden Harris

I loved itbut when you hit that shot off the bridge I heard that swish I was like what the hell how can you do that

Miroslav Play Football

не кричити

me: cries because i have to go

Be Andal

I'm happy he found happiness. I'm so angry, outraged and horrified seeing teachers and adults that are supposed to be there for you and help you, insult and treat horribly a poor child that looks different than them. Bullying someone for looking different than you and treating him like crap without knowing the REAL him. It's sad, so so sad. I hope that we'll change and stop being so evil and judgmental. We should teach children to respect and accept others. We should be a good example for everyone and not spread hate.

Abigail Santana

God bless your soul stay strong fighter!!!!  :)

Nicholas Daddona

Biggest fan love you guys

Colton Crainshaw

Think the flex tape boat is going to win