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Ready to know more about Italian Economy? Italy, also known as The Boot, has been ranked as the ninth largest economy in Europe. The country borders France, Austria, Switzerland and Slovenia. Its’ main industries are tourism, machinery, chemicals, food processing, iron and steel, motor vehicles, engineering products, textiles and clothing, ceramics and footwear. Other exports include beverages, foodstuffs, chemicals, minerals, tobacco and transport equipment, high quality furniture and electrical equipment.


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This is the dumbest video bc the whole point of taking a final is being stressed that you might not pass the test and they are taking finals just cause they are trying to relate with their audience

Felix Henson

Hysteria is a fucking Victorian age disorder, it no longer exists, and it was misogynistic in the extreme, and I really think histrionic personality disorder is really best not linked to hysteria, though they may have some things in common.

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U know, I think my cousin has DID... She has told me before she has other people in her head and I mean many. She also claims to see things she can only describe as 'demons' she mainly has 3 that take over, named: Travis, dreamer, and watermark. Watermark is like a child. Not knowing how things like electricity work and is playful like a curious toddler. Even tho she is like 14 years old. Dreamer is like a more elegant personality but can get really annoying and is NOT good to deal with when he's mad... He's attacked me a couple times cuz i angered him on accident or was playfully teasing which he knows I do. Travis is pretty much just a temper tantrum baby. (Thats literally what she calls him) he rarely comes out tho. And it normally happens whenever she is having mental breakdowns or crying like a LOT. Amaya also says they're all suppised to drive her to suicide and that they were sent from Satan. I keep telling them that their attempts are futile and useless because I wouldn't allow it and they always say they'll still keep going. Weird thing is, is that she's visited psychiatrists before and they never diagnosed her... Idk if she really does have it or if she's lying... Or if the people just cant find it out. Hm....


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A Normal Username

How to get panic attacks

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