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Abu Hanifa


i Rahat

Wait, thats me

100 subscribers with no videos challenge

How many videos DONT have fire?

Her: WeRE BeiNG RoBbEd!

Amina Salman

Jesus, it's sad that bc u can't get a phone, u were crying on ur bed. And since you're 18, ur n adult which means that u can buy ur one phone

Da Toastie

I'm going through the same thing but my dad loves me it just that they are divorced

Harry Power

trolley is correct

Little Tikes Car

You.. you just can’t! The words won’t come out.. stop giving useless hope. You can try but you will fail.


I think pandas going to win

Tommy Sanders

My favorite shot is the one Paul shot the lacross ball over the stadium and ty caught it. So cool!

Furious Man

Is it only me who watches at 2019.


Thanks everyone for the amazing response to my last video, I'm looking to bring some more variation to this channel and you guys seemed to like it. Well, this video is Part 2 to my last Top 10, think of it as 20 - 11 on a Top 20 list. I'm going to be taking a small break and then should hopefully be back in the new year for my Top 10 of 2014 video. Merry Christmas everyone!

Matthew Ryley

loved it guru

Ian Addis

They most likely loved you but they couldn’t afford to keep you so they did the best decision possible to put you into care.

tyler ham

Team shatter train

Stu H

Stopped watching at 1:26 when dude moved his hand.


Why does this video have so many dislikes?


I have been a subscriber for a long time and I want to say that your videos are really cool and unique. And if you do not reply with a "Thank you" then you lied about the reading every comment thing, even if you said you don't reply to all comments.

Lorenzo :P

Dead channel

Ray Lyrical Music


+1👍🏼=Luck for Cory(to not do it again)

Danetry CZ

how do you use Left hand of glova? (666)