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Bun PowrzZ

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Freaky Stories

So was she lying to her friend or was she telling the true to her? I don't know? but if she was telling the true may be her mom and dad killed her one night and hind her body some where in the house or hind it some where else? I am wandering something do if they where as bad as she said that they are even beating up there dog why didn't any one come to the house and look around to see if that was true? like animal control or child series, and if she was being look after by a foster family when her mom kidnap her, why they didn't they go looking for her?

When my little sister was born, her umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck and knotted twice, but she’s is perfectly fine now :)

Logan Critch

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hey I have a small story one day during pe at my school a kid named Nathan decides to hit my friends shoulder very hard. She laughed then he was going to do the same to me but before he could I punched him right in the arm

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whats next? is being healthy bad for you?

Nights of fist


2wAy Bryan

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Noah Rodriguez

how do they get access to these famous arenas?

Kanna Scarlet

I am a rainbow baby myself and now I have haha many siblings....the future always has something for you and I wish you good luck...❤️

BIGboyboss678 gaming/ Maccapaka

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that death row scene is from the green mile

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Mr Beast 2

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Some Dude

I watch dances because I’m a Cambodian

Hi It Me

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Orlando Longo

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Hajisk Nabunaga

well... on the attack on titan reference all the costumes were references to other shows. in ordr it was bakemonogatari, attack on titan, ano hana and puelka magi madoka magica.

Roann David

This is how many people who thought the thumbnail was real👇🏻

GirlyKillerPro 123

Oooooohhh that test I did you were talking about I'm in 5 grade and there were 4 8th graders with me doing the test with me when the answer was obviously A all the 8th graders picked C and I was tricked for about 3 questions and then I was like enough with the nonsense I'm picking what I think is correct and I did and I'm proud of that

David Bois





This is a legit video. All the others are mostly people over thinking reality.

Jaxson Medlin

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Finally ! It was about time they gave it some justice. So glad they didn't forget about us FF 8 fans. It might not seems like it, but we're many 😊

Olivia Breville

Knock it off was a slap but this is straight BARS

Dragon fire

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2nd game: I do not know why but game just wasnt exciting for me. It was a complete boredom for me when i reached the second city (that one with dwarfs in it.)

Greg Howe

Good ol Oakville Ontario boy James Hinchcliffe