It was also Blocks Gymkhana SIX and Gymkhana eight picture car.
5 roof-mounted Rigid Industries R-46 lights.
Ken Blocks 1978 Ford Escort Mk2 RS was originally intended to be a light build in tarmac-rally spec.
Ive always loved these cars and my team director, Derek Dauncey, finally found one for escort rally car for sale me that fit the exact specifications of what I was looking for.Interior: Recaro seats, Cosworth, engine management and data logging, M-Sport multi function bespoke steering wheel.Interior: Custom updated sueded interior.1,400 horsepower that's fed through the Sadev all wheel-drive system.Tires: Toyo Tires Proxes R1R.Fabricated to accept WRC Style Independent Rear Suspension.The stage captain gave the word to shut down the stage and display the red cross to competitors, a universal signal which obligates them to stop for an emergency.Interior: Recaro race seats.Transmission: Five speed sequential gearbox developed by Sadev with plated limited slip differential and uprated driveshafts.Capable of 0-60 mph/5.5 sec.Lightweight aircraft wiring harness.Brakes: Four-Wheel Anti-Lock Brakes.Interior: OEM Recaro Seats, sync Navigation.Setup (suspension, differentials, engine maps, etc) is tuned to each individual event.
Transmission: Quick Response System X (QRS-X) CVT with high airflow.

This one was built to be Ken Blocks daily driver and dubbed BlockSTyle.Transmission: FFD 7 speed sequential.Extensively lightened and reinforced.Wheels: Fifteen52 Forged 2pc Turbomac.It was a serious team effort, and it exemplifies why we have the safety net we do in place at rallies).Engine: Olsbergs 2000cc Duratec Transmission: MakTrak 6 speed sequential gearbox with electronic shift.Engine: 849cc, 2-stroke horizontal in-line w/ Boondocker turbo kit installed by ADtripleS MotorSports.Engine:.1L, whore in this moment lyrics traduction turbocharged 4-cylinder (1 of only 24 Evolution motor packages built).Full T45 roll cage and suspension triangulation.The original steel block, head and block have been modified to run higher horsepower) mated to a 7-speed sequential gearbox, features a side-exit exhaust (for tarmac setups) and comes with options for both gravel and tarmac suspension setups.

In addition to these plans, Block and Hoonigan plan to bring Gymkhana grid back to America for a few events, along with continuing to work with Monster Energy to put on grid events in Europe.
Raptor Retrofit Headlights with custom, integrated Ken Block skull logo.