hmoob movie - kev hlub ntawm txoj saw pt 1 2018

nonplofit movie tsuas yog tso tau saib ua kev lov zem xwb - hmoob movie -kev hlub ntawm txoj saw pt 1 2018 - please subscribe for more

Joshua Guthrie

Happy Gilmore

Nayely Zelaya

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I legit thought that she said, "I was always HIGH as a kid.." OOF :P




Watch. During the climax of the movie Anna get captured by the giant rock looking dude. Anna get tossed to the side and the giant is about to get Elsa (weakened because she tried to fend it off) Anna gets up and from afar tries to throw a punch and boom!! Either wind or fire comes out and she yells “I have powers?!?! I have power!!!” *like in the first season of LoK

Ugandan Nigga

Well this got dark real quick but ayyyy when he was alive he was lucky to have you



Rebecca Richardson


Otavio de Oliveira Comeli

5:17 I saw what you did...

                           '../__|_____|_____|_____|_____|___\ Me: boi😑


Nice job.. 

Biren Shah


Levi Griffith

So did you die or no


dude you guys are insanly awesome...i want your autograph!!!!!!!

Naufal D'Bei

it's kinda interesting if we can play in Pagan Min's side

brad dd

You got it

K.vinith V



Me and my friend got meat Popsicle stuck under the city

Jonathan Kidane

Yo Tyler Toney, is your real name Jeff Toney

Cortny Sellers

When can we see voice acting in Pokemon games?

This S

Putra Ariana

Tinashe remix this song too.. 🔥🔥🔥

lyndon deocampo

thisis so epic

Matt Ong

do the phantom pain

Life with Lourdes

My mom took drugs when she was pregnant and after started calling the cops on me


hey guru you forgot the "Smokey and the bandit" Easter egg where you can find the car from Smokey and the bandit called "The Firebird"

Joyful Sorrow

I think I'm just an alien, really. But hey, maybe that's just me.


@DaftStrings10 then u make a video of YOURSELF making that.