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High School Musical 2 - Everyday (Part 1) Lyrics 720HD

High quality Taco

Not the most impressed with this one


Nice Guys i love watching your videos i wish i could do this with you guyys

Hayleigh Tidmore

Annie's the goat love both of you

Ernest Paulo Labay

Who is in the panda mascot plss post a vid on who he really is plss dude perfect

Wency Chang

The comments in a nutshell

Stacey Tankink

I have OCD too its not fun it makes life harder


thats not an easter egg its soposed to happen to show the 20 years the battle

Majestic Bird

Mad respect for the man but, who the hell would fly in that horrible condition?

Erlangga Fajar

Rc drift

Sean Mastin

Yeah, is would be the rage monster if the guy didn't even attempt to apologize.

[ R_B.• R_4_F_1 ]

Who,s watching in 2018

Rizki Trisaputra17

Wow roket

Gaming Girl 1012

"dead" 15 year old boy: hmmm, 7 months ago i was told i had 6 months to live!

Dominic Fermann

You should do lake syrotypes or poo. Stereotypes

wolf's 8u

The kayak shot and "escalators king"

Johan Van Siang Cung Mualhlun 2A Tingagerskolen

Wtf at 5:06

John Teal


Shea Nation4l

we’re was her mother and father ? 🤦🏽‍♀️

Gowri Nair


saintly julez

what was that willy

Ethan Schreck

Did type swear in this video??


I started going "OMG OMG OMG!!" at 1:44 when I realized ahe was wearing a My Neighbor Totoro shirt

W and the Fish

nice job on dem i brows

Uncontrolled Anims11

hell of a firend

Nikita Zukov

luna is moon in russian too

alexa v v

cloe no matter how short your skirt is if a guy dont want to he wont do it

Samantha Ruiz

My depression: Don't shower, it's pointless. You have no energy, you can't do it.

Daimian Jones

Fiya my nigga.. dont even know u.. keep it movin!

Brooke Catherine

I got distracted, had a quick look at my screen when they were putting the fake animal in the pouch and said " oh crap! Don't do it, don't do it!" Ummmmm yeah, it was fake! Oops.

Chandha Construction

Who is inside the panda suit 3:59



Rutvik Jentilal

Oh really what about cricket...

Sauceddies Headphones

2018 anyone?

Fun 01897

Where has panda ben

Elias Midjord Kjærbo 4C Holbæk By Skole, afdeling Bjergmark

Cool NOT cool is The best

Gavin Saxey

Look on the left at 1:40. Is that Tyler's dad? Is it panda?


Okay_itsjustme !



They should've just called 'Frozen 2' 'Thawed' instead

Francisco Rosa

In all of dude perfects videos of there trick shots and stereotypes videos combined I wonder how much stuff they've broke

Yayo The Jowen

I love how Bijuu has green hair when he was a child... But anyways, I also love how Bijuu still kept smiling and becoming the cheerful person he is today even if he had all these problems in his life...

I was taught by my family that the only way for them to look at me was if I acted out, and so I did so in all areas of my life before I realized it was unhealthy.

Katie Koala

I saw the title and immediately thought of 13 Reasons Why

Game Bros

Who's watching this in 2016?

Ben Geyser

I'm foul guy and game winning shot my friend is football guy