High School Musical 2 - Bet On It (Lyrics) 720HD - YouTube

High School Musical 2 - Bet On It (Lyrics) 720HD

Going First person shooter. On a PC. With a controller.


For all you climate warming fans out there take a look at how the Arab nations create electricity!!!! BURNING OIL!!!! lol


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Michelle Magbulugtong

That is sad bc you are gonna lose someone you love

XTREME Gamming

ball on basket😂😂


Jimmy's jersey also reads De Santa, a protagonist in red dead redemption

Suzzlle Z

I’m mad

gamerguy12 games

you are so cool

Onsigon TFO

Why... are walls medieval...?

FortyTheRapper (DoubleYT)

If you want a Gillette Fusion, go to Walmart 😂

Elin Westeren Lakselvnes


Lorena Olvera

Almost everyone in the comments say hey have anxiety....

Jesse Lopez

That one with the truck might not be an Easter egg. I'm pretty sure most trucks carrying sand or rocks have those stickers lol.

Neels Louwrens


Bear The Nomad

I dont really know how ice hockey works but them skating to the goals and scoring was sick af man

Caden Mueller

You have to have a hot Fillet mignon with ribs and mash patatas to really get the Texas Roadhouse flavor and experience

Sofía Sanchez

I cant stop of watching this video is just AWESOME 🤩🤩 I love you💛

Donny D

Even though it wasn't in the video, I think the Dark Souls reference in Overwatch is awesome.

Loneliness Eric

Wow, the panda is cute.

Bey Efendi

You are the BEST.Can you give me a heart <3 ?


what about dark souls?


30s are the new 20s!

Jonathen Rios

It's just overlapping the 4 with the text he put.

Bruhhhhhhhh 😩🤦🏽‍♀️

Bot :P

I thought people eith pedophillia would show up in his vid and start criticizing in cartoons

Sr. Perfil

Christmas came early :D



Xecuter 117

I love the trailer just they should switch his shoulder plates to match Halo 3 and switch the armor color to the one from the first trailer with the gray hints of damage, remove the 117 and have the chest plate lower down to match his halo 3 armor and remove the circle on his back and perfection. His hands, undersuit, HUD and helmet look absolutely amazing


4:26 rip headphone users : /

Matt Strasburg



Good job on puting Howard The Alien Meme Dance

Nina Sim

description: BECOMED? i don't know if it is a joke

Reuben Willard

Didn't William Tell use a crossbow?

Teagy poo land

Top of my class in reading 😄😃😁good luck i tryed my best so should you

McSqueezy The Dog

Battlefield Friends Noob! 😂

Anjoe Sandiego

I figure these had to be taken several times.

Psychonaut Pekka

your voice! ;D

Junita Junez

OMG. Thanks so much Dad!!!!!

Ethan Hanlon

10 million !!!!!


ricardos shot were real i was there

Sophie t

Noel is amazing in this tf