Here's Why Chernobyl is Still a Massive Problem Today

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Venkata Raghav

isnt the mushroom reference to far cry 3 where you have to get the mushrooms for your friend?

Greg Heffley

Can relate except instead of bipolar, I have straight up crippling anxiety and depression

Steven Blattner

Hockey is the best sport! GO AVALANCHE!!!!

Mason Muelleder

awesome tricks

Cole Nielsen

hey can u guys watch my sick shot i made... go to,"attempting dude perfect,"... thanks!!!!

Reminds me of a hope,

Seiko Tran

The answer of ping pong sing song of Roud 3 is twinkle twinkle little star.

Danika Love

little sister gets hype at movieI’ve never met this man in my life

Cloudy One

Guys this isn’t a joke. Most of you take this as a joke when it isn’t. This happens thousands of people it’s not a joke. What would you do if this happened to you. It wouldn’t be all fun in games huh? So don’t take her story as a joke or as if it’s funny it’s a serious problem that happens everyday

Joe Vaughn

Brian Scalabrine!

Ethan Suazo

Where are you

Antonio Zarate

Light speed chicken that shats out guns...

Sam Boyo

I never knew a Wookie could dance so sexy

NF: Shut up

Stacey Clee

He said he was going 40

Mom: walks away

Barry Lewis195

Love ❤️ talent and determination . Great Job!

Ali Ahmed

Bro im lowkey lovin dp

M1ke 99

My parents abused me and because of that, i got depressed everyday and they started insulting me everyday.

Supreme Toxic

Do green bay packers next

Johanna Olson

That is a terrible way to deal with anorexia those parents could have hurt her MORE


honestly i find life kind of stupid, everything happens to fast , especially dealing w derealization i cant even b present in the moment

Dakota Sherwood

I put a lot of thought into this new idea! Ash Williams (Ash vs Evil Dead) vs Max Rockatansky (Mad Max). Both have an iconic car, double barrel shotguns, a badass style, and known for being assholes! They are a perfect match to rap it out see who's the most badass of all!

Beaver Hunter320

"Rock ribbons, they rock" lmao, love that conversation

Firdouse Begum

Tye looks like captain america if he removes his beard

Charlotte Rhodes

Somebody call MatPat! We need this theorised!!!

Cindy RBLX

How bout Beewith an itch.


I think what the immigration is doing is wrong . People like this and family and other civil people should have the right they want to live regardless of their nationality .

Centinelle 0987

When is the 3rd Part coming?

Mistur Jostur

Holy shit I’m Bipolar.

Bennett Mullins

Do your next video at get air or sky zone and play dodgeball that would be pretty "perfect"

I am cheating??


We know your name from Africa


I think the notched pick axe in my opinion is more towards a reference to minecraft since it has a smithing enchantment where crafting is a big part of skyrim, just the fact that the enchantment is on a pick too makes it more probable

S Faalogo

Team Cody and try


Look mommy! Birds!