When I see an accuracy test of a rimfire rifle where the author hasnt shot at least a half-dozen different loads, I dont even bother reading.
I know no eye contact during sex what does it mean because he didnt shoot enough different kinds of ammunition to find out!The design of this rifle makes it impractical for much field carry, so I limit my testing primarily to solid-nosed match type ammunition.The other day I posted an article to social media about Eleys newest.22LR hunting ammunition, suggesting that people whove never tried really good rimfire ammo havent a clue how much difference in performance it can make in their rifles.In contrast, a gun thats more suited to carrying afield gets tested with game-appropriate ammo.Grant Cunningham.S.: It shouldnt need to be said, but Im speaking of gun reviews in mainstream publications and websites; Im sure you can find a good review in a specialty journal or shooting forum that caters to a small shooting niche, but thats not what.Stock, sand with Black Webbing, specifications, finish.Ive never seen such a creature, mind you, but there might be one out there; it would be the Loch Ness Unicorn.22 rifle reviews.The rifle was a Mossberg 44US equipped with a Lyman aperture sight in the rear and a globe sight of indeterminate manufacture at the front.This goes to show that the ammo any one gun likes isnt predictable at least not in my experience.
Thats the type of ammunition which is likely to be capable of far better precision than high-velocity loads or hollowpoints and fits the expected use of the gun.
That comment reminded me.22 rifle test I read a couple of months ago, one which reinforced a simple fact:.22 rifle reviews suck.

Its a gun thats probably close to 70 years old these days and I certainly didnt expect it to do very well with the Quik-Shok; after all, nothing else ever had!The review in question was for a relatively new rifle and, as I recall, the author shot a couple of different kinds of ammunition through the gun.(Id actually hoped for better from Aguila ammunition; Ive shot many different loads from that company, up to and including their.22 Rifle Match, and I have yet to find any rifle which shoots best with their products.).They stop at a couple or maybe a few types without exploring the vast world.22 ammunition.Specifications, finish, blue, action, bolt Action, caliber 22 Long Rifle.Caliber 222 Remington, barrel Length.2, capacity 33, stock, camo Stock, write Review.The tone of the article suggested that he considered the Mini-Mags a sort of premium ammunition, which he referred to as his go-to load when he needed good accuracy.
Now if I were testing this gun for a magazine, and only shot two types of ammunition, what are the chances that Id hit on the one which could really demonstrate what the rifle was capable of especially if I limited myself to relatively cheap.

That ammunition never not shot very well in any gun I tried; it was always at or very near the bottom of the list.
Rimfire preferences are unpredictable, which is why you need to test!