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The cabbage man reference 😁👌

Eilish Gang

Wait they said he wouldn’t remember there conversation then how is he telling the story of there conversation


Panda is a absolutely legend!!!


Tyler is Winner

A.J Rattigan

Get Russell Westbrook to be on the show for a dunk off

Sean Richards

In the great words of Hov "Nigga, never go Eric Benét" Halle seems like a great person. Super personable and real.

1 female, and 2 males. Once you actually start the game... you don't meet them again until next chapter/part. This is also a reference to an episode on Criminal Minds (but of coarse I forgot what the episode's called)

Stupid Patata


Also if shes so smart, why did she not listen to her teachers preaching about internet safety?

vansh kasturi

congratspl. do another bid vith it

atif naqi

Dude perfect


he is one of the first glitchers on YT... Everyone copies him..

How...? •~•

Brandon Boehme


Gabby 29754

BroMo or Bromo? Bromo ( A high Mountain in Surabaya, Indonesia)

Justin Strawn

I LOVE Drones. I got one for Christmas of 2017. It’s a cami one


And now we know you're left-handed

amanda janis

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Firefox YT

Cory is panda

Samuel Haupt

Do a battle with water

Hutson van

I'm not part of make a wish but I would absolutely love to make a video with y'all


Is she playing Fortnite?

Scrim Scram

Honestly, the kid is basically me

Heather Ellis


do you compress the sound of game so background sounds are really loud? Or do you turn up the volume alot?

Not Quite Mexican

FunWithGuru if you shoot off all the hands on the last easter eggs they will come after you when not looking but they will freeze when you look at them

Girl: Mama I wanna go to school

6 train

This event happened in 1971.

Robin Camerer

cool videos dp

WillDaBeast _09

This vid has no views lol

helbert quezada

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Power puff girls creepy pasta on fleek

Claudia Novoa

hey dude perfect, can you please do a soccer stereotype?

Sean_ Gaming21

I do have a question Where Did You Find Your Intro Voice OR Who Voiced The Dude Perfect intro??

Super nugget


Krøll Top

that could totally be a tv series or something

Mia Pollak

jaiden animation fans have entered the chat


witch in there from video


minecraft reference was my fav

Duane Holmgren

I'm happy you are doing that for cancer research my friend has cancer so ya



how do you dress as john marston in l4d2? after undead nightmare i wanted more marston vs. zombies

Neon Shadow

can you make more battles PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wow only 1 dislike!

Janam Booch

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If you do part 5 in a future,you must put that Thanos cooking scene from Avengers:End Game jeje

THIS IS A THING THAT I Should probably tell my friends about holly shit

Scott labelle

dude the golden idol is a real artifact not just made up for the movie same with the ark


3:04 when it zooms in, the object hanging on the left looks like skull kid from majora's mask upside down.

Mason Bryan Fishing

What happened to panda y'all


That was kinda scary