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L'estratto di Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus) che canta "The Climb" dal film Hannah Montana The Movie. Il film è disponibile in digital download su iTunes: anche su Facebook:collegati al sito per scoprire le ultime novità!

The Platinum Knight

Alright! I'm happy you're gonna do easter eggs for movies now. Don't listen to the people who say 'I came to this channel for video games only.' It's your channel & you can do whatever you want.

SonoChiNo Sadame

There is also a fist of the North Star reference. Is a ship near the Atom Cats.

That Della

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Dats tuff

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immani yaren

They finally reached 1 mil

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Winona Ryder really whistles the s at the end when she whispers


Love this

Swoosh Perfect

Do a video with Stephen Curry or a three point contest next

Roxana Stamatoiu

Why tf am I watching this when I'm already feeling bad

Luke Sky walker

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random channel

Best video ever i love dude perfect

Xbox Gamer

This game is awesome.

Captain TPG

Garrett looks normal I’m the thumbnail not gonna lie

Elite Gamer



This song sounds familiar... it's the Totoro song right? Idk... is it? XD

Lauren Victoria

never be ashamed of who you are💗

Clayton WheelerVlogs

I was in destin Florida

Mr. American man

Jojo reference much? 3:45

Collin Smith

I love broken finger ... I love the part about the broken finger

Renato C.Francisco

Hey Guru! When the Fun with Guru Easter Eggs #2 is going to be published?

edit: Nice work btw! 🤬

ian 32767

Wow Cory


I am watching on Monday May 14 2018

Steven Archer

are u gay?

Lousy Lion

<( ` `)> <( ` `)>can you make these goblins??????????????????

Phil Swift’s Memes

Anybody team coby in 2018?I am :)

Kancho Genov

poor guy. At least he got a happy ending though

ismael angeles

Crash Bandicoot in bottom left corner of the dresser

Mariokart Wii Racing Team!

we're you the ones that film the Dallas stadium basketball sho

David Gonzalez

if I did that I loud fail the hole thing 😂 😝

Thendamond Official

3:14 ty :)

Hyper velasco

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Taste the rainBow

Rifqi Ridzuan

Nerf war

I can't remember that this is needed for the easteregg.

Protato 589

This is Jake Paul•_• -|- /\He has 5000 health.1 like = 1 damageHow close can we get.

Logan Swede

77,000 th


lowkey feels like ocarina of time and pokemon mixed together

Starpower44 '

Cody’s really the only one who looks like they aged

yoryi gil

way fuckin funny ,,,u guys rock

Melvin Melvinson

nick name dude perfect eprfectely earned