I had to plea.
Several other abusers lived at the Seminary.
Suit filed after Plaintiff said that priest harassed his parents by phone so that they would retract the claims against the priest.Catherine Laboure Catholic Church in Glenview.Civil suit filed 2003 by 2 men and settled in 2004.At least one other victim known.Served as a hospital and high school chaplain.Spent 18 months on leave before being cleared by Review Board and reinstated 3/06.2 civil suits filed in 2003.Boston, MA Source: Associated Press.18.02 ; brothel birkenhead Boston Herald.18.02 ; Boston Globe.05.03 ; Milford Daily News.02.03 ; Milford Daily News.11.03 ; Milford Daily News.11.03 ; Archdiocese of Boston Press Release.17.06 ; Boston Globe.18.06 ; Boston Herald.18.06 ;.
Chicago, IL Source: Chicago Sun-Times.24.02 ; Chicago Tribune.24.02 ; Chicago Daily Herald.25.02 ; Chicago Sun-Times.17.03 ; Chicago Sun-Times.03.03 ; Chicago Tribune.03.03 ; Chicago Tribune.26.05 ; Chicago Daily Herald.27.05 ; Chicago Sun-Times.27.05 ; Chicago Archdiocesan Report.20.06.

Boise, ID Source: United Press International.30.84 ; United Press International.19.84 ; United Press International.24.85 ; United Press International.23.85 ; San Jose Mercury News.30.87 ; San Jose Mercury News.31.87 ; Associated Press.25.02 ; San Diego Union Tribune.22.03 ;.Charles Borromeo Church in Houston.Archdiocese investigated for 9 months before determining that allegations were credible.Removed 1994 from parish assignment after 1st woman complained.Anthony shortly after his ordination in 1941.Org.11.12 ; MetroWest Daily News.12.12 Assignments:.
Org Assignment Record Bodenschatz Peter 1933 P none Diocesan Named in the 3/1/16 PA Grand Jury Report on the Diocese of Altoona Johnstown among priests "alleged to have engaged in sexually abusive acts with children." A man reported to Bishop Adamec in 2002 that Bodenschatz.
Org Assignment Record Bean Donald.

Broderson was "forced into retirement" in 1991 and officially retired later.
Org Assignment Record Braun David Francis 1954 P Accused Diocesan Named abuser in Archdiocesan Report 3/20/06.