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Swagsome Swagsome

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Seth Rankin

thes videos are fun to watch but i am absolutely disgusted by the music....The soundtrack to this shit is so corny on every damnnn video!!! ughhh

Donald Stump

Anyone remember when Seguin played for the Bruins and they actually won games 😢

Bird Uwu

oh god not the puzzle pieces

Andy Minnette

Coby if you could rematch Cody you would win .

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Miguel Avalos

0:00 I thought i just entered Zombie mode for a bit

Kayla 598

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Kitty Gamr

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Jacob Monroe

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Ava’s Fun Time

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Kyleigh Harris

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Alonso Rolon Ortiz de Zarate

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Lance Salvador

I saw the Dwane (Duane? idk), but ive never played hotline miami, and it just seemed so fitting that I thought it was part of the game. :/

Jeremy Buckelew

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Willy Bonka

Happy new year Guru! I’ve come down with a cough recently but your videos always help out, thank you again

alex and danika gaming

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Kathy Nguyen

I wonder why the Dad cheated hmm

Dom Sim

There were three sightings in up first was the one you showed second was when Carl was dreaming about tying Russel to a rope and dropping him, it can be seen turning into a parking lot from above. third, at the end when Carl and Russel are getting ice cream it can be seen in the parking lot

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