Google Sheets: Unique, Pivot Table, SumIF, CountIF, etc. - YouTube

In this video Google Sheets will be explored for SumIF, Unique, Radar Chart, Pivot Table, Filter Views, and Sort. This video is also designed for educators, teachers, administrators, child study team, and other school to help them pass the Google Certified Educator Level 2 exam. Upon passing the exam, teachers will earn themselves the Google Educator Badge of Achievement. This video is part of a playlist that contains all tasks from the Google Educator Level 2 Advanced training from the Google Teacher Center. The Google for Education Teacher center has a number of different trainings for individuals looking to become certified as Google Certified Trainers, Certified Innovators, Partnerships, and Reference Schools. Other training from the Google for Education Teacher Center include the G Suite for Education training which is somewhat new. In these videos educators will learn how to promote digital tools and digital citizenship, leverage learning models to personalize learning, use advanced features to optimize workflow, interpret and analyze student data, design interactive curriculum, and give students a voice.

Zachary Starling

that rc boat fishing looked so fun

Zunyi Yang

Board Game Stereotypes?

Chasen 161

Its just anime not animes like fish not fishes or cacti not cactuses... bitch

astin budakov


Game Of Thrones Season 2-4 (2014)

bikash chetri

I'm very excited.... To see Frozen 2


What up Guru. Just a heads up. A lot of people on r/MovieDetails always steal your content as their own. I always try to give people who really found it out :D

Nightmare Foxy

Its names "lucky"

Here I am today... :)

Gacha Kyutie

Moto moto mixed with Zach effron

Jash Dattani

I love ty

Sleepy Banana

RIP the helipilot who passed away during the crash. Glad everyone else made it out safely though

Arturo Sanchez

This shit hard ❤️

josh r

In jackask 26 she says she works for the FBI. I could tell she being serious.

Egg with decent content?

Why you got to put sad music 😢

Rohan Rao


Gacha Leaf

In 5:26 the string got sliced also XD

she made it seem like her parents loved her & were amazing in the beginning then completely changed the story.

Shannon Ross

garet doesnt like the guy how did the first shot

Stark Lord

1:13 did you see that keep calm and love khaled

old gregg

Outback Steakhouse is an American restraunt chain, it's not Australian at all. 0% Australian. It was literally an attempt to capitalize on the hype of Crocodile Dundee. Just one big insult to my country..

Ji- woon

Im pansexual and im from serbia

Umer Adnan

Wheres Cody?

Jennifer Trevino

has an android

sonja jurić

I once talked to them but they got realy mad. thay were telling things like: its all for attention, you are overreacting, its normal and its just puberty. but i am not alright. i dont know how much will i take this. i want to talk to them but i am so scared they would overreact, but i realy need a professional help. i am afraid to sent an email or a message to them. they dont believe just beacuse i laugh with my siblings and do normal things and sometimes i forget it. but theats realy sometimes, like once or twice a week. but i feel so alone and so down. can anybody help?????

palden amendt

so much songs


If the warriors win it all I’ll Venmo everyone that subs to me $4

tianna kinsella

U should have tried adoption

We have:

Jaycee Gaming

Look how the nurse fills Prince Ea's blood bag😂 0:18


and overtime

Please please

Kellan Miller

they never mention the countrys name


Wish my friends would do this with me

Spencer Curtiss

Your mom was being a bitch and she should've been arrested making false accusations is illegal

Springtrap purple guy

There's a huge storm and I have n


I think the pandas are the editors

Lizette Vega

Team tyler

K0kt3l 08

My personal favorit is the rage monster