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IHeart Radio Stream more than 350 Clear Channel radio stations on your BlackBerry (free). file format is becoming the de facto e-book standard for mobile devices, so there are lots of titles available for purchase, as well as the normal range of classic texts available for free.Viigo, although I generally use Google Reader for my RSS feeds, Viigo is a nice alternative and adds several nice options Google Reader (and most other RSS readers) dont.And theres even a space inactive for now for podcast feeds, which developers promise will be enabled soon, letting you download your favorite audio podcasts over the air.Let us know all about it in the comments!All this in a beautiful and very easy-to-use interface what more could you ask for?Flickr, take pictures on your BlackBerry and upload right to your Flickr account (free).You can enter your location manually or, if your phone has GPS, let Poynt pinpoint your location automatically.Empower InstaSpell, in-line spell what does prostitution mean in spanish checker that integrates with most native BlackBerry apps (15).Twitterberry makes it easy, letting you access your friends timelines collectively or individually as well as all your replies and direct messages.Opera Mini, browse the Web with this mobile browser (free).
The Windows 10 platform for mobile includes applications for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote, as well as OneDrive and Skype for Businessall of which can be downloaded for free from the Windows Store.

Advertising, fortunately, Google Mobile includes Google Maps so I can get all the directions I need!Manage multiple Gmail accounts on your BlackBerry (free).The Maps application does everything you can do with Google Maps on your PC (search, get directions, switch to satellite view, and so on plus it will use either the nearest cell tower or, if you have a GPS-enabled phone, GPS to pinpoint your location.Even though you have to get quite close to fill the frame enough for BeeTag to read it which means a blurry image BeeTag could read everything I threw at it, including codes captured from my laptops screen.I have a SkypeIn phone number for my professional life; iSkoot lets me stay connected even when Im away from my computer.Pandora Stream personalized music on your BlackBerry (free).There are thousands of other useful BlackBerry appswhats your favorite?Manage files on your BlackBerry; open, create, extract and append Zip archives (11.95).For example, I say Send email to Bob Smith subject Youre an idiot Message You forgot to take the coffee off your cars roof as you drove away and Vlingo creates an email reading You forgot to take the coffee off your cars roof.TV Guide Mobile Get television listings, movie reviews and entertainment news (free).Vlingo, voice-enable your Blackberry with, vlingo, which goes beyond voice-dialing to voice-texting and even voice-emailing.