Going Dutch - an education system which caters for all

In this episode of Reporter the Dutch education system is under the spotlight."Windmills," reported euronews correspondent Hans von der Brelie in the shadow of one of the Netherland's iconic symbols. "We are here to discover the secret of the Dutch school system's success."In Nijmegen an eastern Dutch city of around 200.000 inhabitants, euronews visited an ordinary primary school, called The Windmill. The pupils chose the name themselves.It's a mixed residential area, average and modest in…READ MORE : are the top stories today? Click to watch: the most watched news channel in EuropeSubscribe! euronews is available in 13 languages: English:Website:

I’m a part of the hippie culture of the 60’s & 70’s. We thought we knew it all, & that marijuana was totally fine. It’s not! Not for me & many others. For us, marijuana changed us...& not for the better. I’m just glad I was afraid of LSD, & never took it. I know I would have had a very bad trip. Anything that makes you hallucinate can’t be good for your brain 🧠.

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