Glitter Dinosaurs Coloring and Drawing Painting for Kids | Coloring Videos

DilDil Kids Art shows glitter dinosaurs coloring and drawing dinosaur painting for kids, glitter coloring videos for children. Learn colors for toddlers and how to draw dinosaur for kids.Thanks For Watching!DilDil Kids Art#Coloring #ColoringVideos #YoutubeKids #Drawing #Painting #LearnColors #ForKids #KidsArt

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Sandra Fontenot

New Orleans

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I mean, no cake eating animation? Now that's lazy. Just look at how GoW has the team reacting to the easter eggs :D



Simran Shrivastava

exactly same happened with me. but it's alright now❤

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Dana Marie

My name is Dana also, and unfortunately I can relate to this video all too much.

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But nice video as always :p

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@Xxsideshow22xX pause and play through 1:09 to 1:10.. bounces to the right


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What inspired you to make videos

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I cannot be the only one who find 5:03 statisfying like they did the same thing

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Anybody know what simulator they are using?


The easy part is to do the shot...THE HARDER PART IS TO FIND A NAME FOR THE SHOT. lol.