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I'm going to be attending alot of conventions/meetups soon, so if we do meet, it's ok that you're awkward, I'm awkward too. :^)Mario maker's that I like CarlSagan42 ➤ ➤ POOBear ➤ here's Footofaferret's channel ➤ALSO This is the video where I got the super smash brothers footage➤ ➤ ➤

Walker Williams


Karinna Perez Choutko

I took so long to get that he died 🤦🏻‍♀️ and when i finally got it (stage 4) i thought it was her way of getting over him at first

Sophia Jacobson

Anna: I won’t let anything happen to herElsa: clearly about to be in a grave from a giant monsterMe; ReAl GoOd JOb AnnA 👏👏👏

Stefanski Michal

Best y❤

KYSS Youtuber

Do giant pool trick shot

Flynn HD

Any one watching in 2016

i dont like arbys

I feel like I have anxiety, due to repeated actions that I do. This includes me being unable to do simple tasks, like asking for more ketchup at a resturant. It gets me so anxious I want to dissapear. My family members dont understand why im so 'quiet' and why i dont interact with them as much as im 'supposed' to. an example of this is when i wake up, and one of my family members wants to do something. (like going shopping, seeing a movie, eating at a resturant...) i usually say no, and i just sit on my computer. i dont know how to tell people how i feel, because my mom likes to tell my entire family everything i do and or say. then they want to talk to me, or they mock me for it for the next 4 years. like one time i cried and said i was a 'loser' for not having a playroom like my friend in kindergarden. im in MIDDLE SCHOOL now, and it is CONTINUOUSLY brought up to make me feel bad, or make fun of me. they usually pass it off as a 'joke' but i know they just do it because they like making fun of me. my stepdad is the worst offender.. he always brings up things that i did that were embarrasing from the past to make fun of me, and it makes me feel very anxious and uncomfortable, and makes me want to cry. he usually does this in public, infront of my extended family while we are at a family gathering. he's always looking for another way to mentally torture me. the only person i honestly trust is my 19 year old brother, who has studied psychology. please help, i dont know what to do. some days i feel fine, others i feel like killing myself.

Shabanakhan Shabanakhan

Dude perfect make videos perfect


your editing and your whole channel is like oxygen, I depend on it to live

Gacha cinnamon Bun

First of all the starting was a bit rasist Oof


nazi breakdancing was awesome

Zak Luck

Season 8 of GOT is the sword art online of non anime. People hate it cause people get karma and likes from hating it.

Noe Random

Me sees the title of the video

Violet 0805

I thought this was going to be some homophobic shit at first, but then I watched it and it's good shit. We love a good friend who accepts her friends and just wants to support them no matter what.

Sushma Seth

Tyler will be the winner


one quick question which country is she from wanna try and help

Sweaty Palms

Hitman had such sassy eastereggs

Angela Playz


Diego -Brawl stars and fortnite

This is so sad I wish this could be more happy God bless you 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


@Blanotiger64 Right. When was the last time they won a Super Bowl?

I mean, as you said do what you love, so i love to travel the world.


Tyler should not be the main payer of DP. I just hate him.


The music you use in your videos, are they free to use in my own videos? I want to, but I’m unsure if they’re copyrighted

Oliva Ventura


Eagle Games

Algum BR aqui? 🇧🇷🇧🇷

Is it Just me, or does that poster to the right of the Lipsticked marked paper, say: LOST DOG, BOLT

pro vision Gavranic



The gum shaped like Pac-Man when it popped

Ne’ London

Alexa play Melly “mixed personalities”

Sean Sartor

This woman is like a BEAUTIFUL and Breathless Sunrise ! God is good.


Hello :D xD

Sophia Laib

Do a overtime video!

NWI Railfanning

I’m a competitive swimmer and next betcha you should invite me to swim against all of Dude Perfect in a mile?? Can we make it happen please!!!

hola youtube

T_Tam sad

Me: This teacher is just mad this girl is smarter and better than her.

Pastel Goddess

Is this Cambodia? ITS MEH CONUNTRY

Rafaela Cruz

I was born in 2010

doug rosenberg

herf noopLOL

Ritzzal Rosli

Zeus is displeased

syd SYR111

25:18 best part lol


Love it

Eden Heasler

YouTube Is Red,

Ezra Timothy

I'm still wondering why is there a cross in that game? I forgot the location but yeah

Fire Dragon76

Golf trick shots

Jacob Belanio Productions


Lil Mgtow

the world would be much better like this.


what was that perk???????????

Alan Walker


Harcos Mc



these videos are getting so fucking good.


Ellie x

Why do them people always show this man shirtless

WRG I_G0T-BuildZ



The best video on BPD I have seen. Well done sir

Jaxon Belsheim

Wow that is a YOUNG dude perfect. Like if you agree

Terraria Destroyerz

The Master Builder's finally retired! Good for him! (Well not entirely)

Edit: frick I was wrong..

Shea Simone

I was sorry, albeit deeply sadenned, that KD played and was cleared given the risk... There are times, even at the point of greatness when your health has to be prioritized. Asking God to grant him full recovery.

Henry S

ive gone to the pool that micheal phelps swims in. im in baltimore. he grew up 5 mins from my house