Sure the fable 3 brothel key moral and ethical aspects need more attention in this issue, as well as the greater good of society and the welfare of women.
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Debora, United States, take a look at Holland here they tried make it as a "normal profession with normal working conditions, with disastrous consequences.e.I mean only someone who lives in a bubble complains that he wants prostitution banned because he does not want his children to grow up seeing prostitutes on the corner of his street.Addressing these core factors would seem to be a nobler goal than playing with the semantics of the delivery system!It will actually increase the problem due to higher demand by men who no longer fear arrest.Yahya, New Zealand No, never.Takes the danger and criminality out.So if you want a threesome I guess you better get them to come to your place!Nick Bowman, USA I can atlanta male escort scarcely remember a talking point issue where the opinions were so consistent.EB, USA, for those who think legalising prostitution is a solution: my state has legalised.Prostitution is the sticky end of the skin trade, so where do you draw the line.If you vote for legalisation, you must be sure you'll know what to tell your kids when they start asking these questions.As our common knowledge now dictates, Japan has long been famous for prostitution - Geisha.Beng, UK (from Singapore) Just because something cannot and will not go away is not a good enough reason to legalise it - look at murder for example.It may never be prestigious, but to deny that it occurs does not get rid of the issue.Owen, UK Prostitution ружье hatsan escort mpa ts should be legalised Frank Veron, UK Prostitution should be legalised.

It's legal to sell tobacco in shops for example, but that doesn't stop a thriving black market in cigarettes Rob,.K.Gaol everyone in HM Inland Revenue for "living off immoral earnings held, so to speak, at Her Majesty's Pleasure.If prostitution is legalised then governments will have no incentive to help these women escape from this life because the tax benefits will be too great.Jacky, England No amount of regulation will prevent prostitution from taking place Adam, UK No amount of regulation will prevent prostitution from taking place, it should be accepted as an inevitable feature of society and the government should maximise this latent revenue potential, the same.In the 21st century we should wake up to human nature and accept prostitution.Susannah, Australia The law should reflect reality rather than denying its existence Andy Millward, UK Yes, especially since the law should reflect reality rather than denying its existence.Can you imagine that any prostitute is likely to declare an income remotely in line with what they actually earn - most of their income is likely to be cash in hand as opposed to invoiced in the manner of any other 'service' industry."Only 2 people are involved".Sex for sale: Around a million men are paying for sex every day in Germany according to a new television documentary.Women will not be controlled by a pimp but by a form of licensing, designed not to prohibit but to improve their services.Even if prostitution is never made legal, the laws that make it a crime should be evenly applied.
Women are protected under Islam whereas it is clear to see that they are oppressed under Western ideologies.