New Mexico, new York, oklahoma, virginia, washington.
The state of Oklahoma will need to be listed as a certificate holder on your insurance certificate. .
To be certified as a escort or pilot car driver it is mandatory for all drivers as well as any persons acting as a flag person who intend on escorting oversize loads on the roads and highways within the state of New York regardless.Colorado does recognize certificates received from other states such as Florida, Oklahoma, Washington or Utah as well as the.For more information on getting certified or obtaining the New York certification manual you can call.5 12 orange road cones (day use) with at least one safety reflective strip at top just in case (night use).In addition to the amber light law if you anticipate stopping or slowing traffic you must comply to the stringent laws of Nevada state flagman.The permit should list all responsibilities and detail as well as clarify any additional questions you may have during transit. .Which states require pilot car certification?2 two way radios fully charged with 2 fully charged batteries.Click Here for convenience, selection, savings and quality!And finally last but not the least of our 2018 State Certifications for Pilot Cars Escort Vehicles update is the state of Washington.All escort vehicle and pilot car operators who wish to travel or work in the state of Minnesota are required to be certified. .The term of this certificate shall be for a maximum period of five years and will expire automatically after the date it was issued you can obtain more information on the certification training program by visiting: m or for more information about pilot car and escort. Curfews: 7-9am 4-6pm; M-F.The state of Colorado requires that pilot car or escort company operators have a Colorado State Certification card when working with in the Colorado state jurisdiction.
You are required to stop at the port of entry when entering Utah state jurisdiction.
Please contact the Oversize Permit Unit, Customer Service Line with questions or for further information: (404).

If you have any questions for the Georgia Oversize Permit Unit you may contact them directly by phone:. .1 dozen up to date flammable safety road flares.Certified Escort Vehicle, georgia DPS will recognize escort vehicle operator certifications from other states whose programs meet or exceed the objectives of the Georgia program for operators that currently have a valid out-of-state driver's license and certification.Of Transportation Permits Office-Hours: 7am-4:45pm M-F ET Dept.Inquiries by phone: or e-mail.Ifta # if you have one.For details on each of the states requirements as of 2018 this is a great place to start your research.No Sunday travel, permitted loads in excess of 12 wide - No Travel when visibility is less than 600 or windspeed is greater than 25 mph.
Arizona does recognize equivalency programs completed in other states however the pilot car or escort vehicle operator must file an application vxx maturity date 2019 in order to operate within Arizona State jurisdictions.

The state of Oklahoma Department of Public Safety does recognize certifications and other states that do have a reciprocal agreement with the state of Oklahoma however if the operator of the pilot car or escort vehicle is a Oklahoma State resident they must have Oklahoma.