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Hope u'll get better soon :(

Cristofer Saldivar


GamerGamergirl Rose

Uhhhm is it bad that I have two phones one Iphone one Samsung and a HP laptop and a Ipad air 2 and used to have a tablet but that one did not work much so yea and I am only 9


awesome director.

Mr. Aidan 942

Dat slap do


My grandma used to smoke,I didn't tell her anything but I told her I would be more happy if she stops,and of course she tried and now she dosent even Touch or look at any..Love u grandma ;3;



Not Suspicious

Yo what song did they use???

Anthony Suarez

@0815Kanal its not fake... pause at 1:09 EXACTLY there u will see that the ball is jumping out of the sight of the camera... -.-

Anthony Stanfield

who the hell let's you guys do all this lol and how do I join lmao

walteer DIIGGING

milk jugs


don't make me mad i get pissed very easily

Letme guess teacher should die?oh u kept it a secret why well gud thing it's on utube big question Should teacher die i say ye

Kindall Mcclellon

I’m team Cory

watchful news

Max semi cool black hip talk curdles my stomach, bye.

Sidhant Ram’s amazing channel

I love panda ambush


I'm a female lesbian

Brazen Brunette

I act like that as well but I suppose to have add not OCD

Mr. Time limit

Who else misses the animated trailers?

Couldn’t really help cuz I was in the middle of the pool I breathed by “diving” (I just curled up to a ball) and then launch to the surface by jumping off the floor of the pool then I slowly but surely waddled my way to the stairs again. Hey but at least I learned to swim out of the 3 or 4 experiences I had :)


Well, when i got this game i actually thought "I wonder if they bothered to put weeping angels".

C. Babs


Rainbow Dash


let'sCARPE thisDIEM

I was only mildly interested in the first episode, the second episode made me hate the girl, I was hoping that this third episode would be redeeming. Unfortunately I was disappointed. I will not be watching the 4th or any subsequent episodes.


I'm starting to like the variety in videos besides just video games.

It’s Joe

Is that lieutenant Dan from demolition ranch


Because I uploaded it accidentally, I wanted to make sure it was 1080p to show off how great it looks so I meant to put on Private so only I could see it, but it didn't work. It'll be uploaded normally tomorrow.


I don't know if i should take these serious

kato mcmunch

What is this sound track, Bon Jovi?

Gaming With Lulu

I’m not crying... I’m just sweating really hard


Look at 5:32 at the end the hat falls off

Aimee Huang

17:19 listen to Grayson say it 5 times loll he was speaking so fast----

Isnt it a norm to have an alcoholic parent?

Ho Jin Ping

The panda is Patrice Wilson!

Dk Ajira Polapin Bd.0

Cricket BetterGame

Kaleb Gottehrer

At 4:36 pandas head came off

Rob Fielding

I wish i was on here lol they're next video...a 60 yd bucket

Konner alley

2019 anyone? Like if so

All you little children needa get off channels like this. If you’re incapable of human compassion, please stay away from videos where people are being honest to clear their conscience and ease their mind.

Nitin Kanani


Dark Glacier

Band stereotypes

Rapid Channel


Octopie Boss

dont hurt panda

sweetjam pea

The water one is so true.


gangster bling i knew it

AsianisLife :_:

Is this even a real life story? Looks like an Asian drama


Go to the Appilation mountains in Tennessee and do "Mountain trick-shots". Please

Issa 91

The weirdest one goes to red faction, the rabbit dull from saints row series, it is really weird, especially how the developers attempt to bid us some awesome and creepiest easter eggs.  

Auu u

I would love to drive a phantom and pelican

yago 220



Yeah when I was 3-7 years old I was abused and I can still remember everything that he did to my mum, my brother and me. The memory that I can’t stop thinking about is the image of my mum being strangled in front of me. At this point we had to call the police, he was taken away. A week later his brother tried to break into our house, we all had to hide and when he left we ran to our friends house. It’s all okay now, we have moved house and they can’t find us. Anyone that goes to stuff like this is a survivor and I have so much respect for you. 🤩

Efren Arevalo

Staff Morale Increased

Amanda Blanchard

The grappler was the best

Empty Infamous