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This is such a brilliant easter egg since it explains help how the magical polar express can travel to and from the north pole in a single night.

Emilia Groves

I almost cried when watching this


nice =D

hunter p

What time do I need to get out earlier email

Nash Rarig

3:07 went in and then bounced out

Split (the tone, eating, words, and hair brushing)

jelly bunny

who else felt like they watched an avengers movie trailer? this was so intense lol


Panda is awesome

Olivia Gerardi

Put a piece of toast in We need polly



Zion ._. Lucas

Grayson cut himself off

Anime Queen50

Why didn't you just adopt

Melina Webb

Why do people dislike dude perfect


I guess Farquaad was hate, Farquaad was death.

Mateusz Wachalski

Film with Tyreek Hill


The gears of war 3 one with the sub is referencing yellow submarine by the Beatles



Maynor Murillo

Kinda late, but great upload Guru!

Vinh Nguyen

Cory & Coby so handsome

marry the fox


kharina djowari

Plzz show Panda's room

Ryan Brisby Jr


cristina munoz

I’m now 12 weeks pregnant 😩 and I’m so scared to give birth. My whole pregnancy was just crazy because Doctors told me I wouldn’t be able to have kids and since I never planned to have kids I didn’t worry. Now I’m 27 years old and pregnant and never would’ve thought I was going to be a mom ever. It’s still a lot of mix emotions but this video made me feel scared and happy ♥️


I hate gay shit like this

L’abonné mystère 2

Like for panda but who is the panda

Easter eggs from video games and movies this coming Halloween?


Did I hear something 3:21

Gabriel Parrish

How eggsaclty am in supposed to crack himup and what even egged you on to make me say eggcelent puns abount eggs themself or do you want dome yolks abount em

Patrick Spartan3

So cute❤

BZ Man


Coolman Hahn

God this video is boring why does it have so many views? I'm guessing the thumbnail had something to do with it

ev kufa

Este video tendra más likes que el asqueroso trailer de COD Infinity Warhalo

Cake the Cherry

Ha gotcha bitch




cool.check out mine.

Minnesota Twins fan7

mn twins

Kian Marshall

why is this flagged? have we come to hating people who ask a simple question

Fluffy Llama!!

I have escema asma and alergies

axelodonte bob


Chase Hofmann

Rappers Eminem was to afraid to dis

Squishy Girl

Congrats on being #10 on trending June 9, 2019