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ppurplie Studio’s

3:19 that’s a long neck

Aiden Tumis

Was that money real

oh yeah man

Hi great video


Jason Vorhees doesn't use a chainsaw why do i always see stuff like this? D: Jason uses a Machete...

Kajka Knap

I think YouTube is trying to tell me something🤔 📱💻🎮👉☠️

Michael vlogs

Craig xen id trash

No kiss from crush = no husband

baby0431 HU

Does the intro take just as long to fill the trick shots lol Edit 1: thanks for the one likeEdit 2: thanks for the two likes


Guru is too smart & too good for this world honestly. It’s really sad how he doesn’t have millions and millions of subscribers bc he really deserves it


What? Are not any Eagster Eggs of Doctor Who? Wow


Chances are I didn't miss it, I just chose not to put it in.

Ricardo Borges

10:48 I thought it was the kool-aid man.

Bangan Ph

Can you like this if you fans of dude perfect😢

Mom: NO!



Nebiyou Esayas

Tyler even though everyone trashes you I am by your side

James Martin

That's mad sexist 2:05

Lucas williams

what the........

Aly Danielson

You should go to Tokyo

Taylor Sanchez



Uncles be like


1:34 jacksepticeye found this EASTER EGG he was like jack:what red plumber and green plumber is this mario and luigi?

Boss Boy

What kind of doctora tells you to google your ailments


1:14 ;__;


In one of the campagin missions (I cant recall the name) there are three soldiers One is being saved by the other,Ones name is Pvt Ramsey,One is Cpl Gavin and one standing guard is Pvt JOnes as the name of the rosster hunter staff Geoff Ramsey,Gavin Free,and Michael Jones 

frank natsu dragneel montanõ

dude perfect is perfect video's

walrus walrus

Are you religious? Cause if you are, in the name of the ogre lord, i will send you to his swamp

Enayet Rana

Was that vedio a whole dream???!!!!WHAT THE FREEK???

Egg Man

Someone is waaaay richer than 100 billion dollars ok

Christian Magliocco

Yes he will, SUMO BATTLE