Fun Learning Vegetables and Colors and Fruits Names Video for Kids

An educational video with colorful Vegetables and Fruits.If you like Please LIKE, COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE so we can make more interesting learn colors videos for kids Children!

Dayana Huerta

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And Dan literally had his dad and his mom in his video once

uwu totheblackeu

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Caleb Harris

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taylor tstuart

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Dutch Pancake

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Vanessa Gonzalez.G

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Nikunj Vasava


Because sometimes things happen that your not prepared for or didn’t see coming. And that we won’t always have second chances.

Walker Green

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Imepic Dude

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Troy Jerome

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Billyhatter TrenchCO.

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Marcy Telfer

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Wallace Brown

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Yvette Esteban Jaime

the penguin Madagascar

Md Rauf

Garret is my favourite but why is he so rude to everyone

Saturday Footy

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Chris Warren

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Holly Carter

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da gingerbread boi

No matter how many Easter egg videos I watch they never truly mention every Easter egg and edit the video as well as guru does. I always look forward to all his videos.

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Philip T Sykes

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Can you do a board n brew sandwich? Or teach how to make the sauce?


Patrick Kelly

Make a rc edition part 2

Mike Kaufman

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Chadason McGraw

0:39 the moment you get that double play, and realize you never tagged the base so it was only a single out.

PJ Da Bomb

Haha they tried the police at the end!!


Wow all of a sudden you have 400k subs!!!! Congrats man!!!! It seems like just yesterday when you had 50k subs


nice job guru you are the best :)


you sure??