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Full Range Agility Melismatic Vocal Exercise... the simple version, because some people thought the other one was too distracting. You can use any common syllable in this: mah, ee, nay, meow, bup, ah, muh...Courses:🔥Test Drive Our Singing Course For $1➡️ Music Theory For Beginners: All Courses: website: my vocal exercises (mp3): app:➢ Android: iOS: Personal YouTube Channel:➢ me on Patreon:me on:➢ Facebook: Facebook Group: Twitter: Instagram: @jacobsvocalacademy➢ Google+: find my exercises here:➢ Spotify: Apple Music: TIDAL: Google Play Music: Amazon:

Sophia Yonas

But seriously...... let’s give a round of applause for this girl! 1 like = 1 act of kindness! This girl deserves a metal or something.

Jacob McLaskey

I was adout to cry but at the end I was so happey

Calem Gorgan

did he throw an actual grenade?

Jake Smith

Wow the ODST one is awesome.

Kerri Gacha

I turned it all the way up when Cory screamed

AMANDA: (Sitting at home PREGNANT!) Erm......excuse me!!!

And paper wastes trees too

Element Gaming



His name is frickin FIRE LMAO

Irene Robinson



Visit the Channel for Dorney Park. They challenge Dude Perfect for an amazing shot off of Dominator @ DorneyParkPR. I hope Dude Perfect does it!!

Smeraldo Emerald

How is that Creep

Soorin Yuu


Puter Monkey

Wow, Ty with the Monty Python quote.Who would've thought?You guys keep getting cooler!!


School stereotypes.

Lord Hexdrix and his wicked world of insanity

amazing absolutely amazing when i saw the length of the video i almost turned away. but then i saw something awesome and next thing i now, im watching this video over and over

Brandon Ledford

they did do well with the different personalities on this show... Specially the way Ty is , people will either love or hate him to death an that makes the show.....

Tae Mo


Day 5: No bleeding in the morning, sudden blood before noon, no blood afterwards

Ebrahim Zaki

There is nothing wrong with you.. You can do it ~💪

Abby Mondelus

This looks interesting

Creepy Child

The ones that relax me are the first 4 idk it’s just so satisfying to hear idk how to explain it. (I’m half asleep as I type this so if this doesn’t make sense you’ll know why)

Eloise Newman

When your mad, simply chuck your new 90-inch TV out of your window.Bro.

John Christopher Corrales

Everytime i feel body ache i always google it . And when i search serious disease i feel i have that too . Im scared of dying , please someone help me :( sometimes i want to commit suicide because of fear.


I didn't know panda's like popcorn


It’s either Cody or Tys dad that looks the Same (sorry if Cody is not his name I keep getting mixed up with Cory Cody and coby :p)

Roi Han

you forget guitar and bear doll

I’m watching this vid

Pallavi Tikku

2:50 best

Ruben Zavala

do part 2

Judah Websdale

In the bible it says parents should punish bad children but if you do to much you are not fit for parenting

Nolan Swagner

"It seemed right."

Asian Pr1ngle

Who was b & s

Chloe Potato

5:26 dat necc

Mason Isham

I wonder how long it takes to set up the intro🤣

Bonnie Smith

I agree with hersh shah

Waylon Harrison

That was eggy


Diamondboy 38


Keren Armas

19:20 the way she says what no

Thy Jokazz

You should do an easter egg rewind every year to show off your favourite easter eggs of the year

Ryan Lawley


patick mccullough


lucasbr gameplay

I am from Brazil

Stealth_Milk _

8 mins ago


Ned: what city are you going to?


great video guru you ever thought of doing retro video game easter eggs like  for games on the nes snes n64 or maybe like some obscure consoles like a cdi or something idk if there are any cdi games with any easter eggs in them but im a retro video game collector and it would be nice to see 

Carmelo Barnaba

Panda ftw! (And it’s 2018)

Eros Mandex

Have you tried maybe changing the title to saying "I was bullied when I disagreed with basic human rights?" cause thats kinda what happened in this fictional story