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Calories burned for this workout: between 92 and 118.This Full Body workout routine is designed to burn fat as effectively as possible, at home.By doing these calorie-burning exercises at home you will be able to lower your body fat generally, which will in turn help you reduce fat from the 'problem' areas, such as thighs, belly, arms, butt or chest.Do this workout as soon as possible, 4-5 days per week! And leave me a comment below, tell me if you could finish the entire workout.Also make sure to subscribe to the channel to receive regular workout videos, 3 times per week!Good luck and let's begin! ❤️💪

GuruKid's Groceries at 7:52 . I hope that whoever this story was about is happy and that they can look back at their love and remember how beautiful it was, and that their love will take care of them, even if it isn’t seen.

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Did anyone notice Paul’s pone


Ew are these dub actors

Tasha Crossing Paths

Bragging about money? Sounds about YouTube correct


When I heard MF DOOM I jizzed on my self.

Start the game

Leni Seni

I have type 1 diabetes, I don’t even eat sugar. And I never did. ;c


so... what I'm getting at is it's about Elsa's powers. but still hyped about it.

Vision_Mender YT

I have never been team ty!!!!

Danae FL

Why do they let her hold a DEATH baby?? I'm sorry but isn't that worse?

Nate K

Such great sportsmanship with both guys. Two incredible fighters and two incredible humans

Ethan Azeroual


Swole Godz

Nobody plays last gen anymore.


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keanu keanu.xavier.susanto

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Zai Gantala

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The Locaser

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2:45 wow no rage monster 5:29 oh wait

A Freaking Axe

first 1 can be reference to TF2 as the "knife" looks like the Spy's Spy-cicle

Rage Diamond Comics

Coolest rocket. Ty obviously

Lacyn Duchesne

The almost same thing happened to my nan. The doctor called off her symptoms of a stroke before christmas and then on new years eve she had a type 5 stroke. She is only just learning how to walk and she is losing her memory.

Eram Rasool

That was a really funny joke

Best Mobile fortnite player

I thank you a lot because of this vid I saw that I had every thing you said and I went to the hospital and I went through exactly what she had to go through it was hard but that was 2 months ago and it all get easier from there I promise to every type 1 diabetic don’t fell down about your condition just keep on being you and be proud of youself


You should have got a restraining order on him 😕


2:10 wtf black widow?!

ThomazTron Productions

How do you make these amazing videos everyday?


is it just me or is it Aaron paul voicing the protagonist?

varin rampersad

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