This gives Anglophones an inkling of the use of tu in Canadian French.
Government employees (such as policemen or bureaucrats with some contact with the public) as well as employees of large stores or large chains in Quebec are usually instructed to use vous with everybody, unless some kind of camaraderie is in play or they know the.
Official government and state titles and designations always have official, mandated French equivalent terms for each gender.
In Quebec, the verb magasiner is used for "shopping and was naturally created by simply converting the noun.Many of these have been formally recommended by the Office québécois de la langue française and adopted by society at large.Often heard in the same sentence as the word genre, as both are slang representing lack of clarity.Many English words and calques have also been integrated in Quebec French, although less than in France.Maringouin / Picaouin / Moustique Mosquito Moustique millage / kilométrage mileage kilométrage orignal moose (Am.Bard Mobile for Android - access talking books from your Android smartphone or tablet.This originates in the Norman language.Toast tof Difficult, rough tough toffer Withstand, endure tough it out toune Song tune whatever (Indicating dismissal) whatever It is also very commonplace for an English word to be used as a nonce escort guide denmark word, for example when the speaker temporarily cannot remember the French word.It is derived from the formal form Eh bien.Quétaine kitsch, tacky (not in a good way) taper, tomber sur les nerfs to irritate someone, "get on one's nerves" Only taper sur les nerfs in France."France's Courtesan Couture: Zahia Dehar - Newsweek and The Daily Beast".Zahia Dehar (born prostitute napoli giorno 25 February 1992) is a French-Algerian fashion and lingerie designer who was once known for her role in an underage prostitution scandal.Raymond Domenech cited Benzema's struggle for form with his new club Real Madrid rather than his alleged involvement in the sex scandal as his reason for excluding the striker from the squad.
In Quebec, borrowed English words tend to have the same meaning as the English word.

As well in Canadian English the first minister of the federation is called the Prime Minister and the first minister of a province is called a Premier.See also déniaise!, envoye!, enweye!, awaye!In certain contexts it may be perfectly appropriate to address a stranger or even the customer of a store using tu, whereas the latter would be considered impolite in France.Canadian French are therefore often used interchangeably.Avionnerie aircraft manufacturing plant banc de neige dani daniels escort snow bank congère barrer to lock verrouiller French colonists would use a crossbar to secure the entrance to their dwelling.(enweye awaye) let's go, hurry up, come on Often pronounced with a "w" sound, not with "v" faque that said, so, that means Contraction of fait que or ça fait que.There is a much greater tendency to generalize feminine markers among nouns referring to professions.Téléroman (pronounced telemã or telemæ) Soap opera A soap opera or a continuing series Feuilleton Thé glacé Iced Tea Ice Tea Touché (gridiron football) Touchdown Not used in this sense in Europe.
Poche stupid, untalented Can also mean "unfortunate" ( c'est poche ça, similar to c'est plate ça ) pogner get, grab Can also mean to be sexually attractive, successful, or to have a loud argument with someone ( J'me suis pogné avec mon voisin, "I bickered.
In Europe, regarde le bien s'en venir ben very Used informally for "Well.

"France international under suspicion of soliciting underage prostitute Football ".
Quebec French profanity uses references to Catholic liturgical equipment, rather than the references to prostitution that are more common in France.
Same thing in Europe: grouille-toi, grouille tes puces (literally, "Shake your fleas guidoune prostitute, badly dressed woman, effeminate man jaser to chat lutter hit with a car Can be used as follows: J'ai lutté un orignal meaning "I hit a moose".