Erik Apr 06, 2017 part of the kit Terrance Apr 06, 2017 Helps to have when pulling out old Radios for Ford Rangers Danny Apr 04, 2017 I purchased previous products from Crutchfield in the past.
Marcus Nov 22, 2017 So I could change my stereo Marc Nov 21, 2017 Easier to use than coathanger Kenneth Nov 21, 2017 Recommended by Crutchfield for this vehicle. Henry Jan 10, 2016 It came with all of the kits for my radio, and I actually saw the spots that the removal tool would go into.They have never steered me wrong before.I know that if I follow their instructions the installation will go smooth. Michael Aug 03, 2017 needed to remove radio, comes with kit Scott Aug 03, 2017 It will make removing the factory brothels in durban radio much easier C Aug 03, 2017 Needed to take factory radio out S Aug 02, 2017 it was included for free with a kit purchase john wells Aug. Rick Apr 08, 2016 Because most likely I will need it to remove the factory stereo Ariel Apr 08, 2016 Reputable James Apr 06, 2016 makes it easy to remove factory radio must have to remove remove factory radio D Apr 05, 2016 Better then using a cut. Brian Jan 05, 2016 These are needed to remove the Ford OEM radio William Jan 04, 2016 Works really well removing the factory radio.Bio96 Willie Jun 27, 2016 its lit Kenny Jun 27, 2016 They were free Richard Jun 26, 2016 This was required to remove the factory radio from my Mazda Protege.The only thing I'll add is that some double-dins, like the Bose radio in my 2003 Miata, are a little easier to remove with two sets (4 total pieces). Gregg Jun 03, 2016 Required to remove factory radio Tom Jun 03, 2016 needed to remove factory radio donalun 03, 2016 TO take OUT factory radio james Jun 03, 2016 Helpful in removing radio and came with installation kit lila Jun 01, 2016 The removal tools are an absolute. Jesus Aug 07, 2016 Fabricated my own from copper wire on the last stereo installation and while they worked well enough they weren't quite as 'precise' as I'd liked.Shop 24 hours a day - We never close!Larger items (2kg prostitution deutschland kosten plus) - Larger items are sent via a courier and this is also free to UK mainland address. Jeremy Jun 24, 2017 Grandson had heard good things about your company.Brand, connects 2, additional Information, pages with related products.

Roger Jan 29, 2017 Easier to take out the factory radio jeramian 29, 2017 came with the install kit lovethetwins Jan 28, 2017 Makes taking out the radio super easy. Thang Feb 28, 2016 Works better than a coat hanger cut into 4 pieces. Michael Jul 29, 2018 To make install easy Paul Jul 29, 2018 Because it is impossible to remove the factory stereo without the removal tool. Billy Apr 21, 2017 need to remove old radio Doug Apr 20, 2017 Needed to remove dash plate. Richard Jan 22, 2016 They make taking the stereo out of my truck super easy. Christopher Dec 04, 2016 came with kit Paul Dec 03, 2016 The radio fits the double dimm opening in the escape dash Antoine Dec 03, 2016 crutchfield recommended to complete installation and free to boot!We have a lot of primary and secondary HD stations here in the Austin, San Antonio area, and that is why I chose the Clarion CZ505. nicholas troy Jan 20, 2017 handy to have, a must if it's gotta come in out more than once Martin Jan 20, 2017 Suggested/provided with installation kit. tony Dec 12, 2017 you told me to get it, LOL James Dec 11, 2017 If you still have the factory radio from Ford you will need these to simplify its removal.