Bought from Gérard Burgraff (Belgium) by John Hugenholtz (Hans Hugenholtz Jr) late 1990/early 1991.
Weiterlesen Biete: sehr viele Cosworth Teile sehr viele Cosworth Teile vorhanden.Per chi desidera ulteriori approfondimenti, segnaliamo alcune pubblicazioni, dalle quali sono state ricavate le note precedenti: Rinaldo Gianola Luraghi.Also a prototype with.4 litre Hart engine (derived from a Formula Two unit) was tested in 1982.A car raced by Jan Brunstedt (Akersberga, Sweden) in International Supersports 1993 to 1996 (as #57) and in European SuperSports Cup 2004 to 2008.Copyright Norbert Vogel 2010.Rebuilt by Vin Malkie and shaken down on (AS p29).Weiterlesen Biete: Flügelcossie Schlachte Flügelcossie, Gute Teile für guten Geld.Howarth moved on to a Lotus Elan at the end of 1977 and the B19 was raced by Vin Malkie in historic races from 1978 onwards.Weiterlesen Biete: Escort Cosworth WM Hallo Verkaufe meinen Escort Cosworth.B c "Facilities Ford Motor Company Newsroom".First generation (19671975) edit, the Mark I Ford Escort 3 was introduced in Ireland and the United Kingdom at the end of 1967, making its show debut.
Lane recalls that it was fitted with a crossover Schnitzer BMW M12/7 which they removed and sold to Stuart Ridge and fitted an FVC.

Come in ogni Alfa Romeo, del resto.Bruno Bentivogli e Sante Valbonetti con la GTV.5 Gruppo N al Rally di Costa Smeralda 1982.Peter Beckhäuser's Chevron B19 in the paddock at Donington Park in July 1990.It is believed that Finn only raced the B16S once or twice and then sold it to Walzer some time in the late 1990s.The india prostitution city Swiss-built cars are said to be distinguished by the use of metric bolts and fasteners instead of the Imperial fitting that would have been used by Chevron.Jonathan Feiber (US) 2011 Chevron B19 'the Swart/Tugberk car' (1989-2009) Rasim Tugberk in a Chevron B19 at Road Atlanta in April 1997.He was on the front row for the the Bellini Models hscc 2-litre Historic GT championship race at Donington Park in his "ex-hillclimb" Chevron B19 (AS p51) and entered a white Chevron B19 in an hscc Atlantic Computer Historic GT Championship round at Donington.Weiterlesen Biete: Sierra Cosworth 2wd 1988 zu verkaufen.
Non è noto il numero di esemplari prodotti.
Bentivogli/Valbonetti alla Targa Florio 1983, che concluderanno in terza posizione di Gruppo.

GTV.0 Grand Prix (Europa 1981) Presentata nel novembre 1981, ha una caratterizzazione estetica molto vistosa: verniciatura rosso Alfa con bande adesive nere, paraurti, spoiler anteriore e guscio dello specchio esterno in tinta con la carrozzeria, cerchi in lega Campagnolo da 15 pollici con parte.