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Whitt Stockburger

There is no sound in space.

La chaîne de Saïf

Who watch in 2019 !!


1:48 how is the balloon inflated if the burner is off?

Theo Viken

Was that dovregubben at the end?

Bexter ollie

It was the third rocket that made it to orbit. Look it up

Cubix Official

i was born 2 weeks late


I knew the day would come I called this vid with Paul rabbil in 2015

Shane Bell

Kobe may never win but he still my favorite

Fiets Zadel

Do Flip trick shots 2

James Dang

Music started getting annoying af around 2 min in

Ugnyy Jfveu

I Survived A Plane Crash 0,1 Feet From The Floor

Silas Clark aka. SC#30

You and Malcolm Butler friends by any chance?


They won't pin this comment. I bet you 500 dollars.


You're probably one of the only youtubers with consistent high quality videos, keep up the good work

Alexis• McCullough

Omg this made me cry 😢


1:26 - 1:30 WTF Nathan drake can levitate?? TWICE? (look his legs when he's about to jump)

Aidan Heerkens



At first, I thought the dancer who gave James his water was Ryan Reynolds. :D

Jack Xiao

They don’t even know half of the players


Man hes trying to make us like black people

André Barros


Ethyn Vlogs


Serena Mohammed

my favourite shot is tequila and vodka

Theresa Pasch

a man goes to a town on friday 3 days later he leaves on fridayhow is that posible

Leonard Koh

With two new dudes here, everyone ignores that Garrett has disappeared

Brendan Simanski

I follow you, the mental hospital was a wonderful place, but at first i felt so bad that i ran out of it. but a few days later, i started to feel happy, there was staff there that help me, and they became some of the most nice people i knew there, :note: i did not stay spend the nights there i just went to a program for bad anxiety


I am watching this in 2018😛😋 who else is if you are then reply

Also Guy: *Divorces wife, dates girl, marries girl, divorces girl, re-married ex-wife.


3:27 Kojima in the right corner. BTW Quiet has nice jiggle physics

Tyson Rose

Y does Jeff sound like Steven hawking

Lady Choc a lot

I'm here 3 years later and Coby has still not won a battle.

Araceli Flor Arias

This is so cute😭😭😭

Derrick Rivera

Barber: what kinda hair cut you want?

littledoesbest gaming

The arrow swisher

Eclipse Esports


Loading %15

King T

Whellp. You are amazing confirmed 100/1

Brandon watson

Meme simulator 2

Alice Palazzi

we are very good

I suck At this

It is so obvious that it is fake, how would you submit this if you were really paralized! Huh, I wonder how are you gonna get out of THIS situation, AND DON'T YOU DARE IGNORE MY COMMENT. Unless it will be even more obvious.

Gaming With Kaleb

Soccer all the way bruh and the first trick shot Billy had the better celebrationI’m sorry ty plz give me a shoutout love you all 💗💗

Vishalpranav Vishalpranav



Bruhh 120?! Daym you shitting these out

god praiser

0:43 is this fat guy from the mine skin a mod or an easter egg (i think its a mod)

Say say don’t give up

Arham Gomez

these guys have so much fun

Richard Ortiz

Ty looked like Aaron Rodgers rolling to his left on that egg throw