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4.im happy

haylee brown

I know who is in the panda


Bet all those youtubers who were like "this is why ff8 wont come to switch" feel dumb now

Sasomila Saso

yes im depressed ive thought about it alot but im not at the point were i need a therapist i have an amazing bf who helps and listens to me and tries his best to help me out, but if i tell my parents im depressed and anxous theyll imidiatley try and get me a therapist witch i dont need i just need them to stop being so hard on me and support me in a time like this but i know that wont happen

Dirty OG fresh 24

Dude perfect is lit# biggest fans

Руслан Руслан

Я блять в Казахстане живу и смотрю видео американцев 10 летней давности

Kiran Sharma

plz do it again

Peanut Butter

I was reading through the comments and a lot of people are saying that their parents were supposed to have kids and I want to say... just that I feel sorry for you. My friend, her mom was pregnant and at nine months the baby died...😭




Happily none of the third first comments dident have first in them

Little Pros

why does ty always wears a hat

violets are blue

صالح حميد

Rewind- I hope you enjoyed this video of handing Red Cards to people in Rio!Make sure you comment down in the comment section who won!

Slappythedummy27 3

Ok shouldn’t this video be about ur parents literally threatening to beat you and actually beat you?

Presley Kilgore

Panda best dancer.... Wolf should graduate 🎓

Mohammed Salih tp

Shoot into that apple is best

Tigerwolf Dory

I hate the lgbtq

claire harding

I agree it's horrible when pregnant women show off there baby bumps in tight tops and bikinis because they can't help the fact that there happy with their baby on the way but in a cafe or at the beach especially when you say something like at least i got pregnant if your sitting in a cafe there might be someone sitting at the next table who may of just had a miscarriage or can't have children at all that is why you shouldn't do it especially on the beach where babies and children like to go and your showing off your pregnant stomouch i could be quite hurtful for those women who've had a miscarriage or can't have children at all like me even though I'm too young i can't have one in the future i fall apart when I see a pregnant woman even if she dies in childbirth at least she won't die childless it would be devastating for the child to lose their mother wether I live or die my infertility kills me I don't want to make pregnant women feel bad but it kills me to see one

Phantom X Gaming

1 why would over 1000 people dislike this vid 2 where is the and garret and Cody did,they not come or they just weren't in the vid3 best dude perfect video of all

Me:1. Why would you have a bank account at 10 and 2. Why does your parents give you so much


Please give un new mega-evolutions!

SCHLEICH lover 101

Elon musk is the real life Tony stark

Ashlyn LPS TV

1. Its all About the Angle2. The Frat Boys3. Captain Hook4. Mr. No Touchie5. The Overesti-Baiter6. The Rage Monster7. Mr. Excuses8. The Duck Lady9. Catches Everything but a Fish10. The Fish Kisser11. The Fish Hear Everything Guy12. The Tree Magnet13. The Line CrosserAnd Finally... 14. Lucky Lure Larry

Rett Dawson

Hilarious! Thank you guys for all you do!

noot hekin boie

anyone 3rd century?

360 View

I’ve believed that I have had ADHD since 4th grade and I’ve started to suffer form depressive symptoms...... I’m going to have to check with my doctor to get some tests for this because it explains so many other symptoms I’ve been experiencing

Pam Gramster

Lol I listened to the song hat trick before this video

Alysha Patterson

That was cool

dory is my bae

0:47 I'm like shame 😂😂


1st and nice video

I had a big heart attack...

yea I am that one girl


vinita latham

"Wake the f*ck up samurai, we have a city to blaze"

Lance R.

dude perfect vs stefen curry

xXReaper Xx

I know how biju feels.. I don’t really have a mom or dad. My mom doesn’t spend time with me she is always at work and when she has the chance to see me she doesn’t. She is NEVER home, and NEVER spends time with me. When I was young my mom told me my dad wasn’t my real dad and when she told me that my life can never be the same. I don’t really wanna get into it because it makes me sad. But my Grandma takes care of me at our house :) (I call her Oma)

max cuell


Keli Jvon


Whiterun Guard

RIP COD we will not miss you 2003-2015