Fire Truck Street Vehicle Toy Assembly Car and Surprise Egg with Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

Hi everyone!I'm putting together a Fire Truck today!Fire Trucks are important Cars that can put out Fires!Water from the Hose!Remicon sucked all the water out of the River?Don't worry! Fire Trucks spray the River!Ducks are starting to go to the River where the Water is filling up again!Let's watch the video, sing and assemble a Fire Truck together!Thank you for Watching My Video!#FUNNYCOCO #Learncolors #EducationalMore Video:

Cristian Parra

who keeps on getting the amc theater commerical

Jie Pagan

btw this happened in 1971. this girls like 68 now. its not really her speaking

Chris Da Bro

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Ginny Raker

Don’t worry my father was always there for me but when ima was 7 he pasted away

Dazzling Diamond


Robert Herr

Rc car

Archie Ruddick

That was EGGcellent

Cool Bri

Tyler: “Was it the sale pitch or the product.” my dad is an alchoholic


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lol i tought you where slenderman fore a second 9:09

Kevin Johnson

Lacrosse is for guys who really wanted to play football but we're way to good at badmittten..they got good at badmittten because they were too pussy to play football. Their mom's probably brush their hair

M. V.

Well DC Entertainment, I hope you're happy with yourself.


So I was like: Guys there's that new artist who has a very good melody and I have heard his songs he is gonna blow up soon

Tyler Swanson


Me: sighs


steph curry please

Soup kiddo's Nintendo Fan

Must be embarrassing to eat a giant bowl of ramen on camera while two people hysterically laugh at you.

Logan Adkins

#YIAYjob She has multiple jobs to support your YouTube career

Ramming Viper

Hi pip

3. Eat your veggies Me:

TTV_ m1dn1tejoker


Danen Mineard

I Love the Minecraft Reference👍

Роман Пауков

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0:47 broken goal

Omar Ismail

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Monique Llanos

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Fujoshi Chan

the music is from indonesia?right?