Finland's education success

When it comes to international results, Finland's schools score consistently at the top.However, pupils study the fewest number of class hours in the developed world.The BBC travels to Helsinki to find out the secret of the Finns' education success.

purim sakamoto

うむ (*´∀`)

jake jake

Cory low key got robbed

Adem Aricanli

anybody notice how ty puts the balls in the jugs machine slowly here but in the skip and slide football battle he puts them through as fast as he can just so he can win?

Tenzing Dorjee Bhutia


Freedom Chick

So dramatic I was hoping Avenger theme song

Em Lawrence

You really made me chuckle today with this episode 😂 spot on


What you are doing is awesome man! I think that branching out to movies is a great idea!

Alfreda Small Eyes

I really like you Asher😙❤❤

Erick Reyes

Throwing random clips into a montage and not revealing any type of story isn’t a trailer Disney.

Nobody at all:

Puppy Pop23

Did any one else notice that the globe Easter egg has a child looking like cupcake from rise of the guardians

i like this story

Eric Booker

Lol I love how he lays in the tree


how can people possibly hate on these guys. this is pure talent.

Scott Smith

4:45 Easter egg of when the doctor from doctor who loses his hand in a bAttle high up on a mountain and only his hand falls off?

《Hot Pocket》

its 2019 how am I just now seeing this.


Cowboy was going to lose regardless.

Jude Quintana

You guys should play a game of frisbee golf


The dawn of the past has begun. But the rise of the future has also.. All hail Guru.. The man behind the machine.


title is a bit missleading.

It scared me!


that tv just scared the shit out of me

-tells 700k people -

Army Killz

Thank you!☺️

I guess they never hit me, HuH

Excellent Everett

The song is called Ready Set Let's Go for a reason... ("LET'S GO!)

Blaise Rolle

Jason is not number 1 EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😣😣😣

pat merola


Paco Diablo

That God Of War easter egg ... i played this game for hours and never noticed one star ....

Kenneth Jurls

2 things I didn't like about this game. How short it was, and how they focus so much on driving and racing

Dylan Green

Tom? I didn't know he was an Olympian!


You have the wrong movie at the end. You have Casino Royale (2006) When it should be Skyfall (2012)


wow i never knew this

That 1 Damon

4:15 it’s really a lukewarm seat if I’m completely honest

Çåramel Fräpp

I'm 11, going on 12. My grandmother went through something similar, she had two children of which my mother and my uncle, she apparently was abused but not as badly as this story. My grandmother got shot by her boyfriend "Derrick Statin" two days later she passed. But she wasn't weak like this. She was strong and I know even though I couldn't meet her. Be strong and don't get into this situation. Don't be niave and manipulative.



Tito Sutrisno

idon setter watste


I am

Simeon MaGee

I love this song


now i know why I always lose my luggage riding southwest

kathi_ bam

Wow only wow... You are awesome😳😃💖

Shammi Shriyan

pls dude perfect make a soccer trickshot video

Anton Sederquist

That tail number looks familiar

Cath Mcgrigor

Gotsta luv dat fab fashion photography for everybody's fave fashion icon, ... Marble. Rockin' that hot fashion, Marble-Man. Happy birthday, Mini-Man.