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class="metadata-updateable-description" Now, with the help of new spacecraft and Earth-based telescopes, scientists are seeing the sun as they never have before. More critically, their research efforts may help us better predict and track solar storms that have the potential to damage power grids, interrupt radio communications and GPS, and damage electronics aboard orbiting spacecraft.

Fred Jensen

I screen recorded Cory’s slow motion shot and there was time left (about .10 seconds left) and Ty is the winner

But hey I like the video though!

Maverick Perdomo

please dont end your channel do something you like to do plz keep this channel growing.


“It was like I had committed some kind of sin or something.”

Mr. Chicken.

i'm addicted to the internet but THAT doesn't hurt my family to the point that were screwed

Vloging Gamer

Antonio Brown


I hope that dude sees this. And feels DEEP shame.


I wish they would make a game that only has to do with the clone wars

Mr HamHands

When you don't want the movie spoilt but you enjoy the music too much

isak siltala

2:18 in case you dont know swedish it said hello

Dave and Tara Dorsey

Last one was the BEST.

xx_toasted emon_xx

Malala kinda already did that...


Just sayin but Michael Jordan. 😄

Kate Mercer

3:14 cory waves

Jasni Ujang

wht do u meant by BTS Bangtan Boys ?

Anne-marie Te Whare

My favourite thing for stereo types is rage my monster


I think leaving this world would help me .-.



Avianna Cade

This is sick. Open relationships???? Marriage is 2 people only, who need to be loyal to each other. Abuse is another thing too. This is a cult. What has our society come too?


If there’s so many Easter eggs of uncharted you might as well base the whole map on it

Cristiano ronaldo

I saw dele alli in the video

rocky 909012

U should make another one part 2

Fizzy Gaming

is she Muslim cuz the teacher has a scarf

Sebastian Drake

find the difference

Read more

Vedran Kapetanić

Wow these are actually some of the best Easter Eggs I've seen.

Sanam Sakcham

You are awesomedp

Bryani Hernandez

This isn't even my baby, and I'm crying at 5:20 in the morning 😢

Ja'sean Adams

Peter: Did you dry clean my suit

Kitty_Cat 742

I thought anxiety was like her sister but no it's herself

Canal Graal

Forever like

hamburger Starling

i love you dude perfect


why didnt he show the black canary reference

Starquake Heroes

Sticky tree frog

Kate vlog Ruiz


They put like 300 pigiots in the opening scene like some less rare pokemon.

Grant Como

Are you going to New Jersey

ig // mndphm

My dad smokes, and my mom & I got extreme asthma because of it - he still didn't quit, and of course we tried telling him about the health problems that come from smoking but he doesn't budge. :/ my doctor tells us that when my dad smokes, even serverl feet away from the building, the stench of cigarettes sticks onto him for about 40 minutes, which gave us that asthma we have.


I don't know if you know this, in one of the pizza shops in the game, there is actually a modernized version of the pizza time theme song. You can only hear it when it is during the day/opening time.

Lamar Alibrahim

I was crying because whenever I learned a new skill in gymnastics my mom always compared me to my friends and get this I TAUGHT MYSELF DID MY FRIENDS TEACH THEMSELVES NO SO HECK I AM BETTER



Priti Manta


Clar Wikk

Peak America


Kushal Raghuvanshi

pleasemake video on india

The rich man