Celebrities singing their greatest hits of the 70s, 80s and 90s: When they were young vs. more than 20 years later. You will not believe how quickly some grew old! Comment below your opinion.PART 2 HERE: 3 HERE:Comment, share & subscribe to the channel for more videos!👉🏿Exedran Compilations. Facebook: THANKS FOR WATCHING!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sting (The Police), Debbie Harry (Blondie), Bonnie Tyler, Marie Fredriksson (Roxette), Boy George (Culture Club), Cyndi Lauper, Morten Harket (A-ha), Madonna, Gwen Stefani (No Doubt), Marian Gold (Alphaville), Sandra Ann Lauer,Olivia Newton, Rick Astley, Cher, Neil Tennant (Pet Shop Boys), Axl Rose (Guns N' Roses), Dave Pirner (Soul Asylum) & Sinéad O'Connor.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Sarah Duncan

6:02"lincolns not even on the penny""what america did u grow up in??" im dying 😆

Adam Nabil

Sky dyving edition do that


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Mehmet Akif Çalışkan

voice <3 editing <3

gabriel velez

whats the songs name for the first dirty jokes in kids movies


Boys only with Jake!!

Who else saw Cory and Cody playing Rock Paper Scissors at 1:54

Roger House

Ablen español

Nafi3 El-Wahrani 74

C'est quoi le nom du livre a 1:41 ?

Julie Rivera

There should be a permanent girl in dp

My World

5 mins not 1

Sky Chaser

I have battlefield 2142

Hey It's Me

My mum quit for a year and now she's still doing it and I hate that


great easter egg video like always :)


they should have put in the monster from uncharted 1 in here like you can see it but it wont attack


How long did this take,5 years?

Xxx_Aiaman_936_xxX Aiman the gamer

hey it"s look like evil robot in the last😠🔫😓

Alpha Night Fury

Anyone seeing this comment I hope when V comes to PC, it at least as good as SA-MP otherwise it will turn out crap like IV's multiplayer.. so we need 64 players minimum, and no restrictions.. plus editable game modes

Cong Nguyen

M ôg này trông vui vẻ nhỉ


2:53 love Tyes reaction

Kristian Fabian

Ricardo dalisay ????


Im 12 and depressed am i weird

Yu Narukami

I don't really understand what you mean by that.


Rainbow Dash

who is she??? 1:03


H3H3 song!

Mohsin Jangda

I love real madrid cody johns

Freddie Dean

@crytien No. Sorry, but no, if you were to play a pc version im sure there are plenty of mods to download which can do to zombies what you wish treyarch to do to it officially


also those birds are in the first cars movie

Athlete girl 2009



Pause the video. Then click this time stamp 2:02 do you see slender Man? And at 2:10 and the creepiest one is with the tentacles on 2:15

Kosh 963

Jenna.. what's going on with that hair??

Kyle Mark

I’m the sky blaster and sometimes the sleeper

Megan Z

Ah bloody Hell!😤 You do understand "naked" means nude, right? Without ANY clothing.


“My Day one niggas them the niggas I came wit”-Capalot 💯💯💯

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I bet she is filipino because she says "kilo"

tessa galivin

If you really want kids then you could adopt

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How do you still dont have 1 milion subscribers!?!?!?!?!?!?

Genius Jones Bros

Coby has won two battles

Perfect perfect perfect perfect perfect perfect perfect perfect

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How are you guys still alive


I’m so sorry for yours and Nate’s loss. Grief of a loved one is a hard place to be. I lost my husband, my mom and my kitty Malcolm all in about a year, so I know how loss can be and I’m so sorry you guys are going through this. I’m glad you have each other and your doggie family to help you through.

Rexitoxal Boi

What I hate about being a girl:

Yasuhiro Nagata

even people like this dont really think that school is that much of a necessity

Leon Zanker

Technically good video, but I think you should keep making easter egg videos about games and movies. I didn't like this one because I don't like this kind of music and I think this whole "easter eggs in music" thing is a bit boring.


nice fake guys gg

Tombi HD

A truck

Mason Law

any one else see launch missils beside ask cj

cesco z

left 4 dead 3 and the source motor 3 are confirmed and left 4 dead 3 is going to be the first game in using it