The goal of this falsetto vocal exercise is to slide upward across one's registers into falsetto, then to gently reengage the falsetto register while descending on the "laughter" pattern. This exercise is best done around a mezzo-piano.Courses:🔥Test Drive Our Singing Course For $1➡️ Music Theory For Beginners: All Courses: website: my vocal exercises (mp3): app:➢ Android: iOS: Personal YouTube Channel:➢ me on Patreon:me on:➢ Facebook: Facebook Group: Twitter: Instagram: @jacobsvocalacademy➢ Google+: find my exercises here:➢ Spotify: Apple Music: TIDAL: Google Play Music: Amazon:


I think that the chicken in the end also refer to the first fable game where you could kick them and the longest kick was always listed in the statistics

Jayna Simon

His cheeks are so chubby and he’s so cute!!!!

Leisel Schlangen

This was better then the last one i watched

Antonio Olvera Duarte

please do a bouncy ball trick shot video

Ali Deards


Braxton Faulkner


Coby: TyLEr STOP


Don't think whether you're good enough for her/him, just know that you aren't. Then you'll avoid the anxiety. YW.

Akash Biswas

2:19 that rymes

Sagebrush Kub

I might just be stupid but on tyler's hat it looks like the mikaelson crest from the originals...


Maybe instead of a bmw a better mic

Diana drippiin

Is ot only me or am i fangirling

Joseph Kelley

Tony's not user-friendly - i.e. not the joking, affable, quote-machine that maybe Conor is.

Leavers Updates

I’m sure deep down ur mum regrets what she said

Brandon Kreber

Who's watching this in 2017


He didn't steal anything.

still smokes


I Came Here For The GabeN Easter Egg


Awesome video! Although I'm not entirely sure that's a reference to sugar land. It just looks like a generic platter of chocolates.

Despersion Piston

is the game availabe on xbox 360?


xD 6:13 is dumb as shit he stopped and hopped off and still got hurt


Wow, those Hitman easter eggs are so funny, but I was like "who the hell thought of doing all those things ?"; throwing a suitcase at a certain wall or throwing those two guys over the ledges, how does someone find this stuff ?

I luv bombs

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