EY International Intern Leadership Conference (IILC) 2018

Feel the energy and excitement of the 2018 IILC, the first exceptional EY xperience for our interns from around the world.

Pony Empires Unite

One time, I accidently saved someone. My Mom and I were going to the Olive Tree when I spotted a Maserati. I LOVE cars so I screamed next to my mom and pointed "Maserati! Maserati!". My Mom lost control and drove onto the sidewalk. We hit a guy and almost hit another, younger guy. We both saw that when he got launched, a pistol was in his hand. The older guy fell down a hill and my Mom's Chevrolet Cruze sailed on top of him and shattered his femur. We called 911 and when the guy was hauled away and the cops talked to us, he said "That guy tried to shoot me! He tried to mug me and I pushed him onto the ground! He pulled out his handgun and that is when you swerved!" Don't know what happened to the 2 people after that. Also, our car only had a cracked front bumper, slightly damaged suspension, and a popped tire from the sharp bone fragments. The repairs were cheap.

Mario Hernandez

La Dodgers


The last one was amazing

TheGrimElite Gamer

The last one doe

Sabina eden Callangan

The is the COOLEST It can say the worldis round my GOSHHHH😱😱😱

I don't got time for lies and jokes

Giancarlo Amaya

sorry mates about my english typing skills the DESTINY AWAITS one was the WTF!


go team CORY

Quítate la ropa que hace calor

Aimee Bayot

In the bigening.

Don't worry, My dad survived.. And after that... I have never seen him smoke a single cigarette.

peaches and cream

I have the game superhot on my vr

Jimpy Kippy

that last one I love how your character plays along


What IF i stealt posters from class any not a single blyat notice?

Malik Daniyal

I like you team Heros

The Dovalord

You forgot the one in Dragon Age: Origins where you get Oathkeeper after fist making camp.

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Vittory Lion


kandace carmical

Ty hole in one

Rachelle Arthur

how can you disagree with a sexuality or gender what the f u c k

Taco And Burrito

This is so cool

Do your breathing treatments

Casey’s Jams

Anna: I won’t let anything happen to herGiant: Hold my beer

John Willis

Anxiety is bad but im getting through it

Olivia Rowhm

I was actually three pounds when I was born I was so small I ha to go to the nicu

Your Gaming Turtle

I always don’t shower for a week...


Now, i have to take a shower :D

Francesca Coluzzi

Thank you Tati !!!!

Sophia Gruntman

That wasn’t fair Tyler got help