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This video isa troll version of 12th public and to entertain all who faced exam in a funny way during their school days.All the best for your Public Examinations.Watch till the end. Keep Support Us.For more video subscribe our youtube channel.Cast & Crew: Sriram ( INSTA ID - ) ( FB ID- ) Gokul ( FB ID- ) Vasanth Marvin ( FB ID- )Vasanth ( FB ID )Udhayan ( FB ID- )Sheshathiri ( FB ID- )Sivaranjini( FB ID- )Veera ( FB ID- ) Chandru ( INSTA ID - ) ( FB ID -)Punithan ( FB ID - )AbinashCamera Man:Sad Kumaran ( FB ID- )Vicky Mac ( FB ID- )Editing & Vfx:Gowtham Rakshit ( FB ID- )SFX:SriramTeam Manager : Sheshathiri p.s ( FB ID- )Special Thanks:CHENNAI SPEAKERSScript & Direction:MICSET TEAM( )Digital Partner DivoIn Association with Divo

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Other Easter Egg is,in the game,have a achievment called Rule # 1, gained by getting your Cardio level at maximum, in zombieland the rule #1 is Cardio too :)

Jeddy Bear

All of the health issues mentioned in this video (and several more. I got stuck with a few of them) run in my family. People like you give me hope. 🥰

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