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Hey everyone as the exam season is going onWe have a made a special exam video for you allEXAMS KA MAUSAMand we show different types of people you find during this seasonWatch and let us know your favourite sceneStarring : Akash dodeja, Kunal Chhabhria,Karan gidwani,Rohit sadhwani, mayur kakde, anmol sachar,pranav punjabi, devesh nainani Jashan sirwani, Tanish sirwani,Yogesh makhija, navjyot chandnani, akash jagtap, kunal hemnani, nitesh wadhwara, kunal ahuja, dhiraj makhijani, sagar thakur, prashant jeswani, ashish chawla, rahul kachhani, prerit udasi, kunal ramrakhya, bhavesh punjabi, AseemEdited & shot by : Kunal ChhabhriaWritten and directed by : Ashish ChanchlaniDownload Loco now, India's first live quiz game show, where you can answer 10 questions and win money daily!Download link:

Matthew Kechego

on skyrim i found a chest it said do not delete

Om Patel

in this video panda is coby, so this counts as a win for him


4 has best theme


Super OMG nice

Eber Mendoza

hello guys I'm from Mexico and I send greetings and I know you hardly read this comment 🙋, but at least give me a like or a heart 😅

Jonathan Umanzor


Billy Bob Joe


Q CooL

25:22 That person tried to shoot the shark.

amare Caesar

Can I have a golden ball

Pow Life

Love trick shots

AzDoesIt 444

Your editing is really impressive...

They all know how to use auto tune correctly

Peter Rubino

I LOVE dude perfect and Jason belmonte

The Tigers

I was ivf and I was born 28 weeks but I’m fine

Ethan Sutton

7 was so funny

Cynthia Bakst

You should loon some manners

mary soledad

Shorty tell me i am the same cause i been fuckin these hose

nico den

Can you do Pokemon Easter eggs cause Mr Iwota died


blisse 05

mom: what do u want for Christmas

5 Gum

Background music really sucks I will dislike this

Bella Miller

They really really really really really really really reallyReally really really really really really really really really Need to make a second vid there where 17 really showsmake that 18

Saniah Sahar