Grip Training, Finger Strength and Forearm Development Explained - YouTube

In this video, I dissect the forearms, grip strength and finger strength and look at how to train for powerful hands and bulging forearms. Training grip and forearm strength can result in crazy gains across all your lifts by helping you to contract your other muscles harder, by reducing the likelihood of dropping the weight and by sending positive signals to the central nervous system. Train your grip strength and your strength on *every* move improves. At the same time, training grip and finger strength can benefit martial arts, rock climbing and more. Just look at the incredible climbing abilities of Jyothi Raj, or Bruce Lee's two finger push ups.Here, I go into depth looking at the specific muscle groups involved in finger and hand strength, from the forearm flexors and extensors, to the extrinsic muscles of the hand and more. I discuss the benefits of wrist curls, dead hangs, farmers' walks, bouldering (rock flimbing), grip trainers, overcoming isometrics and much more and hopefully you'll find some useful training tips for your own forearm workouts.The blog:

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