Acrylic Pour Through a Colander

Someone suggested I try an acrylic pour through a colander, so I did! It was a fun and informative experiment, though there are a lot of things I would change next time (such as thinning the paint a bit, less blue, and putting a canvas underneath). For those of you worried that I'm "wasting paint," don't worry, I make jewelry and other products out of my paint skins from the bottom of my bin!Materials used:Artist's Loft flow acrylics (30%)Floetrol (50%)water (20%)


Please make Creamy Pies next, if you know what i mean :)

michael anthony hilario

I do not know there is a F word from the song hey dude.

Cassandra Sta. Maria

This happened to me, but im glad we werent really “together” when he died. Fate is inevitable.

Marty Jakubowski

You forgot uranis

rao vijayasaradhir


Blockdestroyer 50

Who is the shortest dude perfect member

feral meme

So, GTA actually exists?


Ultimate Maker

Is it me or the views of team edge videos are increasing rapidly

Stacey_ Wacey2018

Is everyone else crying cause I most certainly am, i’m boiling my eyes out😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢💦😢😢💦💦🥰🥰😍😍😘😘😘😂😂😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭

Fire Master


Антиспам рулит

This is very cool!


Dakota Egner

wow that was awesome!!!!!!!


Hey guru you probably already know but did you know that you can call VAULT-TEC in real life?

Adeena's Amazing World

If you don't have a spinner than use a plastic spoon

Namadha S

2019 anyone??

LaElla Dickerson

I was laughing this entire video 🤣 my stomach hurts now cause I was laughing so much

A while later at school I got called put and found out my dad was dying, he had heart failure. He had a 95% chance of dying.

Dakota Royal

would of broken the fucking glass.

Elijah Prestridge

Do you have time Hover board trickshots

MrNimi Sir

He looks like hero from baymax

Andrea Moore

Poor panda

Acebomb 18

Who is the panda??

Flatrim Amrllahu

He has saved hundreds of lives with that move, he knew what was coming, he knew that there’s something wrong with the helicopter and he did that. If that chopper fell down... God forbid

Connor Braithwaite

You are poop



James Harden

Mike The Fox

i'm not afraid of those creepy easter eggs, well i've played Doom 3 but never encountered the Mirror Creepster Egg

CCB Gaming

Trick shots make life easier

Dusty Tario

You guys should do Marshmallow Launcher Trickshots!!! 👍👌

Music Love for fun

Man... i thought this is how Harry Potter got his lightning bolt. Then i read the first book.... (IM SORRY HP FANS)

That's just the word "hunter" in german and it's used because it sounds cool



Pink Diamo MSP

I have all of the symptoms sadly, but i’m still not sure if i have it because i’ve not been at a phsycistrist yet and i’m too scared to tell my parents cause when i told them once they didn’t understand, and from that point i only told this on the internet cause i feel that my parents will never understand...

Mister Judge

FunWithGuru, Did you pick up every weapon after every boss? For example, this gold beretta, which Sgt. Hilda used to kill you.

Random bros

This kid is cool

Rob Murphy

Can I just point out that, that tiger in the Gucci gang video is clearly CGI


MrBeast do you know Amish made a parody of you


This game is crazy

Haruku Endo

0:47 Gareth has invisble shirt

terry driscoll

I find it hard to score a basket with a basketball from 5 foot away, let alone from an aeroplane xD


U smawt, u lowyal, I appreci8 u, another 1

Trisha collamar

I'm a 'WOMAN' living as a 'MAN'

Mario Dimkovski

Dis is a fejk

Dheeraj George

Hella hyped bruv

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I would NOT want to go against you guys in a game of Knock-Out.O_o


Dude Perfect should do a stereotype school or a stereotypes work video