Helping Kids Understand Global Conflict and Crisis

Dr. Samantha Nutt of War Child Canada discusses ways to help kids understand global conflict and crisis.More from TVOParents:



Zachary Thomas

The missile is the cut scene when you get a v2

Crybaby senpai


Olimjon Bekbolatov

panda as sonic


0:33 wait is that TARDIS

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Aemilianos #PSG

Amazing idea

Chunkey Munkey

It would be funny if atheist went to hell and started freaking out

Devon Rogers

Magnesium campfire! Maybe make some s'mores, or hotdogs over the magnesium? That would be awesome! Great video :D

Ldawg 05

7:30 got me dying with laughter

rocio monti

is true? the product

XtremeMC 33

Its funny because during the pencil trickshots you can see a pencil in the hoop😂

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Martin Dunn

Did you put the sharks back in the water ;( they are endangered

Peace It 27

I don't get power puff girls or sponge bob

James Volante

I really didn't know he could talk.

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Mine Playz101

Isn't jeff the guy in jurrasic park that says "Life always finds a way"?

William Broadley

Why do youtubers call fish forfeits “dead fish” it’s not gonna be alive fish ffs

Chris Breed

is there any portal easter eggs?

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Zoe Williams

red head boy makes his hair brown

Dyn juma

Best rapper so far💯

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Is it just me but when she fell off her chair did anyone else feel happy because she was being an asshole and she got karma 😂😂

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Even the artwork is prettier than me 😂😂😩

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It was FANCY

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