Virtuosity - Can India and Pakistan Ever be Friends...

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Julie Benson

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Alex Stavnitser

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GamerAndreea Sparkle

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1k dislikes? wow, 1k people have no heart

Sheanrel Evasco

good luck GSW! keep on fighting! 🙌🙌🙌

The Sneaks His Phone In Class Guy

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2:53 How many hypermarkets are you guys blacklisted from by now?

A Cat

Its just so damn hard to move the mouse and click. It's easier to click "Reply" and type tho =) Logic.

Love from Honduras!🇭🇳

You Fuck ‘em all 'cause they broke


Great video as always :D

Mahasweta Das

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Leo Soria

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Jennifer Henderson

Loved the video will you do a 4


The reason this video is trending in India because people clicking this probably have no idea that this is a game trailer lol 😆😆😆