Boong Candy And Mom Go Out Meet The House Knowing To Move So Funny - Lor Boong Officical

Boong Candy And Mom Go Out Meet The House Knowing To Move So Funny- Lor Boong Officical

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Brooke Coon

3:47 Garret Van Gogh

Ant Man 1101

I fell in 3 when I was love 😍😍

Gurkirtan Singh

Some fast and furious stuff there

Jack Twomey

the main guy is on explains all of his amped up personality

tommy reilly

the places she shoots from are not even hard spots

Talya Fahad Al Mualla

Channel: minute videos

Daiego Jefferson-Yargee


Summy Cat

I have Celiac Disease. This can’t kill me directly, but if left untreated it could lead to other medical conditions that are lethal. It’s not very scary but it has a big effect on my life. What is it? Celiac Disease is where the finger like structures called Villi in my small intestine can’t absorb nutrients from gluten. This gist of it is that I can’t eat anything gluten. Otherwise i spend the next couple hours with the worst stomach ache imaginable and throwing up. It’s barley painful but the stomach ache is this horrible uncomfortable feeling, like my stomach is being twisted. The result of eating gluten with celiac can very from different people but that’s what happens to me. It’s hereditary and I got it from my mom. It’s pretty hard to live with. I’ve gotten used to it but it’s hard being 5 and being told you have a disease and can’t eat any of your favorite foods anymore. I gave up goldfish, KitKats, cheezits, heck I couldn’t even eat the free cookies they gave to kids at Publix. I went through elementary school always being asked about it. If it was somebody’s birthday and they brought a treat I would have to get a gluten free treat from my teacher that my mom gave her. I remember in 4th grade one girl brought a cookie cake to school. Look it’s not like I can’t have cookies cakes bread etc at all. There are gluten free alternatives. I can forget about ever eating fast food again and if there’s a team day at school or a birthday party, I’ll be the weirdo that brought her own cupcake and a slice of pizza in a container. I still somewhat struggle with this. When my brothers go to Papa Johns and get breadsticks and pizza and I have to look at it and know that I’ll never be able to eat it. My house used to be all gluten free but as my brothers and I grew older now there’s gluten as-well. There’s not a single place where I can just eat what’s there. Not at school. Not at public events, not at my friends’ houses, and not even in my own home. Not gonna lie, it annoys me so much. But I’m 13 and I’ve been living like this for 8 years. And I’ll keep living with it for the rest of my life.

Roger Goreman

I have been trying to find the rubber ducky forever now but it doesn't show up even though I know what location it is in. Do I have to unlock something to see the duck?

Daniel Ayala

Everyone come to my house 27 1/2 Clark St West Leamington Ontario N8H 1E6

Hunter Gacke

Team ty

White Raven

I would just laugh at their "bully words" and I did

Leonidas Vagelatos

Bowling isnt a sport..

Scott Harrison

song plzs


How do I submit a story?

Alfred Loaiza

You need an ostrich race!

john pierzchala

film Tom brady


What about the vomit Easter Egg? In the camo viewer, spin Snake around a bunch and after about 10-20 sec of spinning fast, exit. He pukes.


U guyz are amazing, i can't even make a ball in the basket if im 3 inches away from it 😂

Tj Asayi Lohe

I need this confidence in my life .



Chris Taalman

1:37 RTJ That's why I happy in born a boy

Abelardo Beltran

Very very very tragic 😭😭😭😭😭😭

Nocturn Devine

This reminds me of dead island:p

Kush Gulati

Connect four

Rattus Rattus

2:18 Wait... who took the picture?

Eve Saucedo

Someone please find me the guy from Chick-fil-A josh’s @

Journey Cole

Cody always kills the chorus!!

Thu Anh

the title is pretty misleading

Logan Rodkey

Why was Cory using a goalie lacrosse stick

Elliot antezana

Ohh no, coby fell into the garden in yhe second round

juan de la p.


-В гостях у Рудневой

Hello from Russia.I love your YouTube channel. Thenk you ❤


Dr. Goodhead. Lol

Camilla Snake

I was born 3 months early. So

The Realidaddy

Mr.Guru, your voice could send me to sleep within these videos.

BoRn Ace

Or real



Lawton Garner

Team necklace


What a horny little rapist


The first Easter egg is also present in call of duty WaW


How did Ty get the victory!