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Skyler Sato

This is why I never wear bikinis anymore one piece slip off


Diana La

GamerGamergirl Rose

Uhhhm is it bad that I have two phones one Iphone one Samsung and a HP laptop and a Ipad air 2 and used to have a tablet but that one did not work much so yea and I am only 9


@sewRsk8R his shirts also wet so he did it again. like a take 2.

Christian Geraltolemo


Orange Power

@slipdying80 shut up

Allan Zhao

why does anyone even dislike?

Emerald Fraser

How can people have such an issue with someone you don't know, being in love with someone you don't know. Nobody would choose to be gay because it's practically guaranteed to come along with being unaccepted by lots of people so maybe, just maybe, it's not a choice, and you disagree with people's ENTIRE existences.

tokage cafe

bee is a name fit for a person who sucks

Jeff Wason

White House!!!!!!

Ninja Jolt

5:47 my favourite shot


Here before 1 mil

Kelley Henry

Not trying to be rude, but I am kinda tired of seeing Ty win every single battle


У него одежды больше чем у меня

Aaron Real

A snack vending machine

J n P G n P

Did anyone else realize that on the list of things to loose number 2 was virginity?


what am I lookin at


Luke Bryan is my favorite country singer

Riding theLoam

Is anyone else here?


Houward Sholtz

Canal Do Mard



I thought it was a math test she helped her cheat




love your easteregg series <3 :D

DeJon Wofle

Wath do you call a double jointed scellten boned legeted



• Sørä •

I had a dream. A sleep paralysis actually. Its the worst thing. I woke up. On the street, in an alley. Unable to move my limbs at all, then. I head some footsteps a man in all black approached me. With devil red eyes, unable to speak, I tried using sign langauge. But nothing worked. I trembled. And shaked my body, the man grabbed me from my arm. Looking at me, he then put me in a sack. Then he threw me into the road. For a full 2 minutes no cars was passing by (there was a hole I could look through) but then, I heard a honking noise. It ringed in my head. I tried moving. I tried dragging myself away from the road. But it came closer and closer, until it hit me. All I saw was whiteness. I closed my eyes. And then opened them. Suprised to see the same man who threw me in the road. He looked at me with his slit mouth. And then screamed so loud I couldnt concentrate. I woke up. In my room safe again. Then I noticed, I had a dream about me having a sleep paralysis.. I got out of bed and ran to my mothers room. She wasnt there. I looked behind me..

Liam Hales

2019 anyone?

Noemie Fukasawa

your step mom is sooooooooo nice.

Egg with 10,000 subscribers

Elsa turns into an avenger We’re in the Endgame now

cammibannani xd

Friend: don't waste your time on Gucci gang

The Random guy

Lightnig only strucks the tallest item where ever you are

Call_ MehDaddy

One of my classmate touched my ass, and a girl touched my hips. My life is horrible

Smriti Anand

The drawings in the video make all of quite emotional

gps lion

5:40 that's fake money for all the over reactors

heypeaches *

the thought of there being a superhero dry cleaners remind me of that cartoon network short where most of their characters did their laundry at the same place


My life

ChrystalLily VB

My momma taught me No Man, should ever raise his hand to a woman, ever. Because once he starts, it will continue, my sisters were both married to very controlling abusive men, had kids and thought if they married them, their husbands would change, they never did. Now both of my sisters are divorced, stuck with kids, living on welfare, sometimes I feel ashamed of them because so many times I told them to leave but they kept going back, I would like a boyfriend but when I see stories like this, I would prefer to avoid relationships. I just hope and pray that ladies out there, save your kids and yourself if you're in an abusive relationship, do it for yourself and your kids. I do hope the woman in this story woke up and escaped that evil man, no matter how rich, handsome and so forth he is, he should never have raised his hand to her and put her in the hospital. A real man would never abuse his girlfriend or wife, ever.


Sad Gamer Hours

red pando



O coração da Damares chegou a congelar agr kkkkk

Cookie Slime1234

ThEn sHe dIED. The End


Ricardo's were fake.

roberto sansone

I think that the opening(the camera following the car from the sky) it's a reference to the opening of the shining too

Pokemon Reviews

Who's watching in 2017


and my parents compare to others

Kevin Jacobson

"You can put your weed in there" is now going to be a staple of my humor.

Infinite Playz

Anybody watching in 2019?

krydur W

aww cool i want one of those bunny-piggy looking things lol

Alexandra’s Life

The human controller LOL😂


GG dudes